Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Systemic Risk

“Dim Sum” on the Financial Menu

News of the launch of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in so-called “dim sum” bonds (yuan-denominated bonds that are issued and traded outside of mainland China) marks an important step in the evolution… READ MORE ›

Self-Serving and Conflicted — FSOC Annual As Forthcoming As Expected

Maybe it’s because I am just back from vacation, but reading the Financial Services Oversight Council’s first annual report certainly hasn’t helped my mood. In fact, the FSOC’s voluminous annual report — a mere… READ MORE ›

Systemic Risk Oversight — Up and Running in the U.K.

This week marks the inaugural meeting of the U.K.’s interim Financial Policy Committee (FPC), a systemic risk oversight committee responsible for  upholding the safety and soundness of the financial system. The FPC is charged with steering the… READ MORE ›

Big Banks, Big Risks

When Washington policy wonks and Wall Street high-finance geeks get together, it’s no surprise that the discussion quickly devolves into acronyms and esoterica that make often complicated issues even less approachable.  So a READ MORE ›

Money Market Funds: To Swim or to Float

Ever since the Reserve Primary Fund “broke the buck” in September 2008, the systemic risk potential of money-market mutual funds (MMFs) has generated enormous interest from around the globe. To “fix” what some have perceived… READ MORE ›

Transatlantic Coordination of Systemic Risk Management

CFA Institute sponsored a symposium in March produced by the Harvard Law School Program on International Financial Systems which convened senior bankers, investors, regulators, and academics to discuss regulation of derivatives, cross-border resolution of… READ MORE ›

Duct Tape and Circuit Breakers

For those of us who were around back in 1987 (the year I received my CFA charter, I might add, boastfully), the circumstances of the “flash crash” of 6 May 2010 were in some ways a modern equivalent to… READ MORE ›

A New Global Financial Architecture: Stalled

In the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Ian Bremmer and Nouriel Roubini paint a pessimistic picture of potential global coordination of financial services regulation. As they put it, “… the process of creating a new international financial… READ MORE ›

Stress-Free Stress Tests

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger has an interesting piece out on the latest round of “stress tests” required by the Federal Reserve. The Fed won plaudits for its handling of stress testing of… READ MORE ›

Call 1-800-Bailout

Beginning back in the 1980s, Dana Carvey played a character named Enid Strict, otherwise known as “The Church Lady,” on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” Enid is best remembered for her signature line, “Isn’t that special?” It is… READ MORE ›

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