Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


CFA Institute Welcomes ESMA’s Proposals under the Prospectus Regulation

Despite all the interest in Brexit, the European Commission is still in the business of producing rules to manage securities markets.

European Market Infrastructure Regulation: Starting Point for OTC Derivatives Union?

EMIR’s aim is to make the clearing and reporting of OTC derivatives mandatory.

New EU Law to Enhance Transparency of Securities Financing Transactions

CFA Institute supports greater transparency over SFT activities and better monitoring of potential financial stability risks.

Resource Constraints Test Financial Policy Makers Coping with “Regulatory Tsunami”

Global regulators are grappling with a problem of unexpected size — not the number of technical standards they need to transcribe but something more palpable: the lack of manpower.

Views on HFT in Europe, ESMA’s Role in MiFID Shared at E-Finance Lab Event

As the MiFID II Level 2 consultation draws near, here’s the latest perspectives on liquidity, transparency, and HFT in Europe.

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