Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


Crowdfunding: IOSCO Report Highlights Global Rules on Alternative Finance

IOSCO is keeping a regulatory eye on crowdfunding to ensure investor protection. The alternative finance is a major emerging market projected to hit US$300 billion in coming years.

Sunshine Is the Best Disinfectant: Post-Trade Transparency in Credit Default Swap Markets

IOSCO study: Neither market activity nor market exposure changed substantially following post-trade transparency rules.

Resource Constraints Test Financial Policy Makers Coping with “Regulatory Tsunami”

Global regulators are grappling with a problem of unexpected size — not the number of technical standards they need to transcribe but something more palpable: the lack of manpower.

Two Years after LIBOR Scandal: What Is State of Financial Benchmark Reform?

Need for meaningful reform was underscored recently when several banks were fined for rigging key foreign-exchange benchmarks.

CFA Institute: Strengthen Regulations to Enforce Investor Rights in Cases of Abuse

Report recommends improving traditional approach to supervision that currently punishes misconduct without directly benefitting the victims.

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