Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Regulation Standards and Compliance

EU Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards: Beneficial for Member States?

Vincent Papa, CFA, offers insights on a European Commission report and an international panel’s review on IFRS suitability.

Ethical Behaviour Should Complement the Law in Financial Services Profession

Responsibility and accountability: Is a “Hippocratic oath” in financial services the answer?

LIBOR Lessons, Corp Market Responsibility: Cosgrove Prize Winners Foster Ethics in Finance (Video)

Recruitment process is key to developing finance professionals’ practice and understanding of ethical decision-making, say Robin Cosgrove Prize winners.

Protecting Older Investors a Growing Concern of Firms and Regulators

Aging population and shift from employer to individually directed retirement plans have placed “senior” investors in the spotlight.

Apathy Toward Continuing Ed, Flawed Business Models Fuel Bad Behavior in Finance Sector (Video)

CFA Institute President and CEO Paul Smith: “Unfortunately regulation is not the answer, but regulation is going to be the answer.”

2015 Market Outlook EMEA: Weak Growth and QE Policies to Shape Local Market Outcomes

Investment professionals in EMEA are gloomier than their peers in the Americas and Asia Pacific over the prospects for economic growth in their local markets.

Edelman Trust Barometer 2015: Finance Services Industry Still Has Room for Improvement

Public views of banks and financial services remain largely unchanged while media ranks as the least-trusted institution in the survey.

Asia Pacific Market Outlook: Strong Growth, More Even Playing Field for Investors in 2015

Greater transparency, improved corporate governance, and better market integrity translate to fairer markets.

Americas Market Outlook: Tepid Economic Growth, Political Risk, Ethics to Define 2015

2015 CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey: Gauging economic prospects and underestimated risks for the Americas region in the coming year.

HFT, Price Improvement, Adverse Selection: An Expensive Way to Get Tighter Spreads?

As high-frequency trading debate rages on, it’s important to examine more mundane trends that may threaten market integrity.

Political Instability, Sluggish Developed Economies Drive Wary 2015 Market Outlook

As investors begin to think about closing the books on 2014, they shouldn’t be too optimistic about what 2015 might bring, according to the 2015 CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey.

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