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Schedule Update: New Sessions Announced

New session details have been added to the schedule page for the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference, providing more details on the times and topics for presentations at the event.

The conference will include plenary and concurrent sessions… READ MORE ›

Lipstick, Pigs, and IPOs — a 2000 Redux?

The article by Rolfe Winkler in the 29 June edition of the Wall Street Journal stirs unpleasant memories for those of us in the analyst profession. In what Winkler characterizes as “walking through Chinese walls,” he laments… READ MORE ›

Speaker Confirmed: Roger Bootle

Roger Bootle is a leading economist and author who is an economic adviser to Deloitte and a specialist adviser to the U.K. House of Commons Treasury Committee. He will… READ MORE ›

Speaker Confirmed: Charles Dumas

Charles Dumas is chairman of Lombard Street Research and a regular guest on financial news programs.

Recently, his calculations on Greece’s government debt-to-GDP ratio and what would be needed to… READ MORE ›

European Investment Conference: The Site Is Active!

Welcome to the dedicated website for the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference. In the coming weeks, this site will be updated with speaker information, travel and hotel details, and a complete conference schedule. Check back often for… READ MORE ›

Company Audits — Are Shareholders Getting Enough?

The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) has weighed in on the issue of what information investors should receive in the report from a company’s auditor. In a 9 June letter to the Public Company Accounting… READ MORE ›

How to Improve Your Investment Writing

To communicate effectively with your clients, use correct grammar and punctuation, avoid jargon, follow a clear structure, keep it concise, and employ a little wit.

That was the advice offered by two writing-skills trainers, Fiona Rintoul, a journalist (above, left),… READ MORE ›

Are Structured Products and Complex Credit Assets the Phoenix of the Financial Crisis?

As the Roman epic poet Virgil wrote in the Aeneid, “Fortune favors the brave.” For investors who live by this creed, complex credit assets and structured investments — once the scourge of global financial markets — are beginning to regain… READ MORE ›

An Arms Race We Should Welcome: The Race for Higher Corporate Governance Standards

Is the race for higher corporate governance standards heating up?

On 3 June the Singapore Exchange (SGX) proposed new listing rules that would improve the corporate governance of companies listed in Singapore. The proposed changes would require all primary-listed companies… READ MORE ›

Canada May Be the “Cleanest Shirt in the Hamper,” but It Still Faces Some Unsettling Secular Trends, Says Pimco’s Ed Devlin

When it comes to fixed income, Canada is the cleanest shirt in the hamper.

The reason, says Ed Devlin, executive vice president and head of Canadian portfolio management at Pacific Investment Management Company, is that Canada engages… READ MORE ›