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Speakers in the News: William De Vijlder forecasts “Perfect Storm” with past CFA speakers

William De Vijlder, chief investment officer of strategy & partners at BNP Paribas and presenter at the upcoming Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference, recently made… READ MORE ›

Is Jack Bogle Right? Are ETFs Destabilizing the Market?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which offer investors diversification and liquidity at a low cost, have exploded in popularity in recent years and now represent a $1 trillion global market. Morningstar estimates that ETFs now account for at least a third… READ MORE ›

Wall Street: “Bloodsuckers” Unite

“If you see something, say something.” That has become the mantra of security organizations worldwide, drawing millions of additional eyes and ears into the struggle to keep the world safe. The same should apply to the financial services industry…. READ MORE ›

NRSROs Still Under Scrutiny

Conflicts relating to the work of credit rating agencies, also known as Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSROs), are not new. And debate about their ability to handle conflicts of interest is not about to go away, thanks to… READ MORE ›

EU Financial Transaction Tax: Will It Become Reality?

The debate over whether a financial transaction tax (FTT) should be imposed in Europe is an old argument — one that resurfaced regularly over the years but never seemed likely to lead to any substantive action. This has changed,… READ MORE ›

EU Alternative Investment Funds Regulation: Still No Respite for Regulators and Fund Managers

After two years of negotiations among the European Commission, European Parliament, and Council of the European Union (composed of representatives of the 27 EU member states) as well as intense industry lobbying, the much-debated Alternative Investment… READ MORE ›

The Current State of Financial Instrument Accounting and Reporting: Why Should Investors Care?

On 20 September, CFA Institute conducted a webcast on “The Current State of Accounting and Reporting for Financial Instruments.” Aimed at providing an investor-focused overview of FASB and IASB projects on financial instrument accounting, the discussion comes… READ MORE ›

Past Performance and Future Results

Accepted investment wisdom holds that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

However, our commitments to serve the global community of financial professionals and develop stewards of the world’s investment markets mean that our 65th CFA Institute Annual Conference… READ MORE ›

2012 Registration Is Open

Registration is now open for our 65th CFA Institute Annual Conference!

Our annual conference is one of the investment industry’s largest and longest-running educational gatherings of investment professionals, offering you a chance to explore new ideas and research on a full… READ MORE ›

Research Shows Short-Selling Bans Can Cause More Harm Than Good

There is usually much hue and cry from all factions whenever short selling is banned. The proponents argue that the ban is useful in restoring order in chaotic markets; the opponents point to the pricing inefficiency such bans introduce… READ MORE ›