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What is the “Warren Buffett of Europe” Up To?

Francisco García Paramés

Bestinver’s chief investment officer, Francisco García Paramés (labeled the European Warren Buffett), has become an icon for the Spanish investment and business community. Even though he is not yet a household name in Spain, as Buffett is in the United States, the financial media pay special attention to what he has to say. Bestinver’s flagship fund, Bestinfond, has yielded a 16.1% annualized return since its inception. Read more

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Investment Strategy: The Case for European Stocks

The Case for European Stocks

I wouldn’t be too negative about Europe. I think a lot of the issues result from Europe dealing with its problems now — by restructuring the weaker economies and getting state budgets on a sustainable level — rather than deferring them. Second, as I mentioned, European companies aren’t entirely dependent on European consumers because many companies are global.
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