Linkfest: Currency wars; Hard money faction blasts ECB; How bravest bargain-hunters of crisis struck gold

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Today’s most shared: Every currency can’t be weak… Wall Street’s chat rooms a hive of villainy? … German hard-money faction displeased with ECB rate cut… When you’re cryin’ you should be buyin’ – the investors who bought on fear reaped huge rewards… When you’re yellin’ you should be sellin’ – Blodget, Merkel, Zweig on the increasing risks of soaring stocks… Bitcoin on a tear… Summers’s swaps cost Harvard $1.4b to unwind… Bernanke on the panic…China’s peasants move from rural poverty to urban squalor.

Race to Bottom Resumes as Central Bankers Ease Anew: Currencies
The global currency wars are heating up again as central banks embark on a new round of easing to combat a slowdown in growth.
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J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse are considering blocking employees from computer chat rooms.
Wall Street Journal
J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse are considering blocking employees from computer chat rooms that have become pervasive tools of the modern trading floor, but which face mounting scrutiny from regulators.
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ECB split stokes German backlash fears
Financial Times
Divisions at the heart of the European Central Bank over last week’s rate cut have revived fears in Frankfurt of a German popular backlash against the bank’s policy making, even as the ECB faces decisions critical to the eurozone’s future.
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Treasure Hunters of the Financial Crisis
New York Times
In 2008, a year when the global financial system was falling apart and markets panicked, these investors didn’t. How three big risks, taken by three firms, turned to gold.
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Ex-Moody’s staff raise alarm over ABS ‘meltdown’
Financial Times
A former senior executive at Moody’s has warned that credit rating agencies are using “deluded” processes to calculate the risks of asset-backed securities. He fears this could trigger another financial meltdown.
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New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope
New York Times
China’s government-led urbanization, meant to solve one problem, may be creating a new set of troubles that could plague Chinese cities for generations.
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Chilling Signs of a Market Top
The Reformed Broker
As one of the original wise men of the financial blogosphere, David Merkel has always been a crucial read for me. All of the fundamental signs of a top that David identifies can be observed in the markets today.
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Bitcoin at Record, Senate Seeks to Discuss Virtual Money
Bitcoin’s price climbed to a record at $330.01 on the BitStamp online exchange, as U.S. senators scheduled a hearing to discuss the future of the digital money and other virtual currencies.
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Be Prepared For Stocks To Crash 40%-55%
Business Insider
The higher we go, the less surprised I will be to see the stock market crash. How big a crash could we get? According to valuation measures, and the work of fund manager John Hussman of the Hussman Funds, 40%-55%.
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Harvard Swap Toll Tops $1.4 Billion as Deals Terminated
Harvard University, the world’s richest college, lost $345.3 million terminating interest-rate swaps last year, bringing its cost of unwinding debt derivatives since 2008 to more than $1.25 billion.
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What The Jobs Report Really Means
See the data on why employment is increasing, but prosperity is not.
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