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02 March 2016

Essential Listening: Emergent Order

Sometimes it is easy to underestimate the power of media. Today’s news, more often than not, is forgotten the next day. This is often the case with podcasts as well.

Sometimes, however, a podcast has a material effect on an individual listener and, by extension, other lives as well. A recent edition of the Freakonomics podcast explores the life-changing impact an episode featuring Nobel Prize-winning economist Alvin Roth had on one man and the recipient of his kidney donation.

It’s unlikely any of this week’s selections will so move someone, but one can hope. If you’re interested in hearing additional selections, don’t hesitate to explore earlier editions of Essential Listening. As always, this installment features a wide array of material to help make your next commute or exercise session a bit more stimulating..

Feel free to leave a comment or suggest other podcasts from which Enterprising Investor readers and listeners may benefit. I might highlight your suggestion in this ongoing series on the world of podcasting.

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Tadas Viskanta

Tadas Viskanta is the founder and editor of Abnormal Returns. He is also the author of Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere, which culls lessons learned from his time blogging.

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