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20 December 2023

Research and Policy Center Three Most Popular Articles of 2023: Data and Technology

Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Applications in Investments, edited by Larry Cao, CFA, is the big winner in 2023.

The CFA Institute Research and Policy Center (RPC) focuses on four forward-looking research themes to drive content engagement, action, and outcomes. These themes are Capital Markets (Strengthening the Structural Resiliency of Capital Markets)Technology (Understanding the Latest Developments in Data Analytics, Technology, and Automation)Industry Future (Providing New Insights into the Future of the Profession); and Sustainability (Advancing the Industry’s Thinking on Sustainability Challenges).

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The most popular top three articles of 2023 from Understanding the Latest Developments in Data Analytics, Technology, and Automation are presented below. The theme tracks the evolving opportunity set for investment firms and professionals stemming from artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and new analytical tools and technologies. Our research recognizes that the future of the investment industry is one where smart machines and systems, data analysis, and inference will play a more central role in how the world of finance evolves.

1. Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Applications in Investments

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have their thumbprints all over the modern asset management firm. Like detectives investigating a crime, the practitioner contributors to this book, edited by Larry Cao, CFA, put the latest data science techniques under the microscope. And like any good detective story, much of what is unveiled is at the same time surprising and hiding in plain sight.

2. “Thematic Investing with Big Data: The Case of Private Equity”

Using natural language processing (NLP) to score companies by the news frequency of terms related to private equity, Ludovic Phalippou creates an index weighted by theme exposure and liquidity, whose returns are highly correlated with non-traded indexes, in this research for the Financial Analysts Journal.

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3. “CFA Institute and CFA Society Spain Briefing Paper on Fintech in the EU”

Roberto Silvestri and Zaira Melero, CFA, gauge the opinions of CFA Institute members in the EU on the evolution of financial technologies, including the benefits and challenges for the investment industry. Their data is based on an informal survey of local CFA societies in the EU.

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