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Growth, Value, and Skewness: Are Growth Stocks a Lottery-Like Bet?

How does skewness in returns relate to other factors in asset pricing?

Should Fundamental Investors Give Up on Value Stocks?

For fundamental investors looking for mispricings, value stocks may be best ignored.

GARP Investing: Golden or Garbage?

Do Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) strategies offer an attractive middle ground between Value and Growth?

Growth vs. Value: Waiting for GODOT

Is it time to start selling growth stocks and buying value stocks?

O Value, Where Art Thou?

Value stocks have underperformed growth stocks for over a decade. How can this be? Aren’t value stocks supposed to deliver higher returns than growth stocks?

Bad Connection: What Today’s Investors Can Learn from the Death of the Pay Phone

Investors need to peel their eyes away from a stock’s numbers long enough to ask a very basic question: “Will this company or industry still exist in five years?” It happened in the case of pay phone operators, paging companies, and video rental chains — and it’s almost certainly happening right now in a number of companies and sectors.

The Ultimate Contrarian Advice: Don’t Follow Buffett to the Peak

Peaks are based on the belief that great wealth will be bestowed on the investors who believe in the presumed future, but watch out when brokers start pushing growth and then watch for changes in the market structure.

Keep Looking for Growth

Michael Lipper, CFA, discusses one of his lessons for students of the market; pay more attention to the laggards than the current leaders when searching for future leaders.

Aswath Damodaran: How Does Growth Investing Measure Up?

In a recently published paper, noted valuation authority Aswath Damodaran examines the discipline of growth investing and, in so doing, challenges the notion that growth investors are simply risk seekers who ignore valuation.

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