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Short Selling

Jon Stein, CFA, on GameStop and the Market’s Trust Crisis

Betterment founder Jon Stein, CFA, shares his perspective on the GameStop fiasco.

GameStop or: Why the Short Sellers Win

The GameStop short sellers might have left the market. But don’t for a minute think they are licking their wounds in defeat.

Book Review: Active Investing in the Age of Disruption

Evan L. Jones’s vantage point as a manager of managers brings invaluable insight to the most vital issues facing investment professionals.

Mitigating Short Exposure: Learning from Others’ Mistakes

There is no road map for short sellers. This leaves them two options: Make their own mistakes, or learn from those who have already made them. Greg Blotnick, CFA, has found the latter approach is far cheaper.

Lessons from a Legendary Short Seller

What can the late Robert W. Wilson, one of Wall Street’s master short sellers, teach today's investors?

High-Conviction Short Sales: Empathy for the Bull

The best short sellers share one key personality trait: empathy, or the ability to put themselves in their counterparty’s shoes, says Greg Blotnick, CFA. Before initiating any short position, make sure to know the answer to the three questions he poses.

Weekend Reads: How to Profit from a Crisis

Will Ortel summarizes three books that each offer its own flavor of apocalyptic investing and compiles a number of other articles to get you through the weekend.

From the 2012 Financial Analysts Seminar in Chicago: A Short-Seller’s World Tour Starring Jim Chanos

The famed short-seller and his colleagues recently analyzed their investment track record and discovered, to their surprise, that the firm's most successful investments turned out to be “value traps.”

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