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02 August 2012

SEC Final Report on 2010 IFRS Incorporation Work Plan: Does SEC Have Will to Find a Way Toward IFRS?

Sandra Peters, CPA, CFA

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued its Final Report on the 2010 Work Plan for the Consideration of Incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards into the Financial Reporting System for U.S. Issuers. The report is designed to consider specific areas and factors relevant to the SEC’s determination “as to whether, when, and how the current financial reporting system for U.S. issuers should be transitioned to a system incorporating International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”).”

CFA Institute has reviewed the Final Report and, in a recently published issue brief, provides insights and raises important questions for investors to consider.


About the Author(s)
Sandy Peters, CPA, CFA

Sandy Peters, CFA, is head of financial reporting policy and serves as spokesperson for CFA Institute to key financial reporting standard setters including the IASB, FASB, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. She holds the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

1 thought on “SEC Final Report on 2010 IFRS Incorporation Work Plan: Does SEC Have Will to Find a Way Toward IFRS?”

  1. Alexander Shekaroff says:

    glad to know about IFRS Incorporation Work Plan. nice

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