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11 March 2013

Systemic Risk Council: “Self-Funding of Financial Regulators Would Help Fiscal Mess”

With debate over the sequester fallout mainly focused on cuts to education, law enforcement, and transportation safety, another area is largely overlooked: the impact on the SEC and CFTC.

In a recent op-ed published by Politico, Systemic Risk Council members Brooksley Born, former chair of the CFTC, and William Donaldson, former chair of the SEC, discuss the danger of imposing funding cuts on these agencies, particularly when they are already underfunded, given their vast new responsibilities under the Dodd-Frank Act.

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About the Author(s)
Linda Rittenhouse, JD

Linda Rittenhouse, JD, was a director of capital markets policy at CFA Institute. She focused primarily on issues related to investment products and investment regulation. Rittenhouse holds a JD degree.

1 thought on “Systemic Risk Council: “Self-Funding of Financial Regulators Would Help Fiscal Mess””

  1. Mag Gash says:

    Self-funding might take ample time to take off. But this can be a good start and great initiative.

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