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Cheryl L. Evans

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Cheryl L. Evans, JD, LLM, is a director, professional learning, at CFA Institute. She has also served on the Future of Finance team and was a senior investigator in the Professional Conduct Program at CFA Institute. Prior to joining CFA Institute, she held various legal positions, including: senior counsel at the US Securities and Exchange Commission; trial attorney at the US Department of Justice; and Special Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia, handling criminal matters, among other positions. She holds bachelor of arts, juris doctor, and master of laws degrees.

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Top 10 Characteristics of Effective Self-Regulatory Organizations

In an environment where investor trust is low, self-regulatory organizations can play an important role in supporting a more sustainable financial system.

Why Investment Performance Standards Matter

The GIPS standards are gaining global momentum as investors demand greater transparency when comparing and evaluating investment managers in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

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