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Crystal Detamore is a communications director at CFA Institute and a former columnist for Entrepreneur magazine.

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SEC to Investment Firms: ‘Stakes High to Get GIPS Compliance Right’ (Video)

SEC’s Bowden: False claims of GIPS compliance, verification, and performance can lead to civil & criminal penalties.

SEC to Vote on Money Market Fund Reform: Will It Benefit Investors?

CFA Institute recommends both a short- and long-term approach to reforming the industry to reduce systemic risk.

Dodd-Frank at a Crossroad: What’s Next for Bank Regulation? (Video)

Four years after Dodd-Frank, what's on the bank-regulatory horizon for shadow banking, resolution planning, securities regulations, and consumer protection rules?

EU Policy Update: How the New EU Parliament Is Taking Shape (Podcast)

Analysis on the next European Commission president, the makeup of parlimentary committees, and how these developments will affect the implementation of MiFID.

Self-Regulation of the Securities Markets: Help or Hindrance?

Despite criticism that SROs have too many flaws to be trusted, they still play an important role to play in financial markets.

Sheila Bair: Role of Buy Side in Minimizing Systemic Risk (Video)

The former FDIC chair advocates for better market discipline in the private sector.

High-Frequency Trading: How Should Regulations Develop in Response to Modern Trading Techniques?

Although “Flash Boys” has made high-frequency trading a household word, industry insiders have been pondering the pros and cons of high-frequency trading since 2010, when the stock market “flash crash” put automated trading in the crosshairs of regulators.

Debt and Equity Crowdfunding: CFA Institute Offers Regulatory Blueprint for Europe

CFA Institute analyzes regulatory structures in key global jurisdictions, and outlines six points necessary for comprehensive regulatory framework.

Global Market Sentiment: What Can We Expect in 2014? (Video)

CFA Institute members — respected experts in the industry — offer their outlook on financial markets, integrity, and performance in 2014.

Volcker Rule, Risk, Regulatory Capital: 2014 Financial Policy Outlook (Video)

From the controversial Volcker Rule to new mortgage standards, several new regulations will test the effectiveness of U.S. financial industry oversight.

FCA’s Martin Wheatley: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services (Video)

Martin Wheatley, chief executive at the Financial Conduct Authority and author of the Wheatley Review of LIBOR, discusses the “economic and societal imperative” of promoting ethics, integrity, and professionalism in the investment community.

D.C. Policy Update: Gauging Long-Awaited JOBS Act Crowdfunding Rules for Investors (Podcast)

James Allen, CFA, head of Americas capital markets policy at CFA Institute, examines the JOBS Act and the SEC’s eagerly awaited crowdfunding proposals — including investor privacy issues and whether international firms will qualify — and other SME finance issues in Congress.

The Future of Finance: A New Era in “Fiduciary Capitalism”

CFA Institute’s John Rogers examines the devastating societal costs of decreased public trust in financial services.

D.C. Policy Update: Systemic Risk of Asset Managers, Mortgage Finance Reform (Podcast)

James Allen, CFA, head of Americas capital markets policy at CFA Institute, reports on Washington, D.C. financial policy issues, including a CFA Institute report on self-regulatory organizations, an Office of Financial Research report on the systemic risk of asset managers, and mortgage finance reform from an MBS investor's point of view.

PRIPs Debate Resumes: CFA Institute Calls for Cost, Performance, Risk Transparency (Video)

Rhodri Preece of CFA Institute discusses policy recommendations for improving PRIPs transparency in lead-up to European Parliament vote.

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