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Lee Kha Loon, CFA

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Lee Kha Loon, CFA, is a former senior director of policy research at CFA Institute in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Portfolio Holdings: Would More Disclosure in Mutual Funds Periodic Reporting Help?

One of the challenges investors in retail funds and mandatory pension schemes face is tracking whether the funds have been managed according to an investment style or true to label. In a recent CFA Institute study, the disclosure of fund holdings was examined in six countries.

CFA Institute Study: Harmonize Standards for Mutual Fund Fee and Performance Reporting Across Asia

A new study conducted by CFA Institute titled Periodic Reporting for Retail Investment Funds in Asia Pacific: An Investor’s Perspective examines existing regulations relating to disclosure and periodic reporting requirements for retail investment funds in six countries.

Bumi PLC: Corporate Governance Concerns Give Investors “Coal” Feet

Indonesia benefitted from the global commodity boom in late 2000; however, those who invested in coal producer Bumi PLC in 2011 could not have envisioned the corporate governance concerns that would besiege the company just one year later.

Treasury China Trust: Governance Clouds Value

Business trusts are gaining popularity in Singapore. A variety of companies outside of Singapore have used this structure to list their assets there. One of these business trusts, Treasury China Trust (TCT), was in the news recently in Singapore for poor governance and potential financial difficulties.

Retail Investment Funds Performance in Asia Pacific: What Every Investor Should Know

CFA Institute has released a discussion paper to solicit input from members in Asia Pacific on existing regulatory requirements and practices regarding retail investment funds performance.

Peering Through the Labyrinth: Asian ETFs Need More Transparency

The growing popularity of complex synthetic ETFs in Asia have prompted some to question whether existing regulations and disclosure practices are sufficient for investors to fully understand the risks and costs.

OTC Derivatives Reform — Asia Takes up the Challenge

“Doing nothing is not an option.” Futures Industry Association (FIA) President John M. Damgard issued this message at the FIA Asia Derivatives Conference in Singapore in November. Against the backdrop of sweeping changes in the regulatory landscape for derivatives, an… READ MORE ›

REIT Governance: from Father to Son but at What Price?

As the recent K-REIT acquisition of 87.5 percent of Ocean Financial Centre from K-REIT parent company Keppel Land — and whether the deal was fair to minority shareholders — continues to hog the limelight, the Monetary Authority of… READ MORE ›

Asian REIT Market — Growing Pains for Investors

“Singapore overtaking Japan REITs” — that was the headline of an article in the October 2011 issue of AsianInvestor. Both REIT markets started a decade ago and took a pounding in the 2008 global financial crisis. Since then, Singapore… READ MORE ›

Dark Pools in Asia Pacific — Watch This Space

Dark pools have been back in the news in Asia recently. An article by Asian Investor (subscription required) on 17 August noted there is an increasing trading volume of small-cap stocks in Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan… READ MORE ›

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