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Piotr Zembrowski, CFA

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More Independence Is Needed on Boards of Hong Kong SAR Companies

“Over-boarding,” which is the practice of individuals serving on several boards at the same time, is more common in Hong Kong SAR than in many other industrial markets.

Japanese Companies Are Waking Up to Activist Investors

Japan still has a long journey ahead to bring its corporate governance standards in line with global best practices. Nevertheless, evolution will not be stopped, and broader adoption of global best practices of corporate governance will only boost their overall performance, making Japan’s companies even more competitive and more attractive to foreign investors.

A crisis of trust

Korea’s wealth management industry is in a crisis of trust. To restore investor confidence, regulators, industry organizations, and financial institutions must work together to address the underlying causes of the problems.

Thailand Leads the Region in ESG Disclosures

Thailand is a leader in APAC in terms of ESG disclosures.