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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Update: Complaints Against Deutsche, Olympus; H-P Embraces Proxy Access

Updating the Olympus scandal and Canada’s national securities regulation issue, minority shareholder rights trouble in Brazil, and Hewlett-Packard’s planned vote on proxy access. It’s time to span the corporate governance globe to review important developments from the month of April.

Shareowners and Citigroup Differ on Cost of Retaining Vikram Pandit

Following shareholders’ rebuff Citigroup’s play plan, Matt Orsagh, CFA, looks at what the Wall Street bank could have done differently.

Corporate Governance Update: Goldman Gives in, Say-on-Pay Fever Spreads, and JOBS Act Leaves Investors Cold

From the JOBS Act and Goldman’s change in board structure to short-termism and “say-on-pay” developments, the U.K. and U.S. dominated corporate governance headlines in the month of March.

To Comply or Not to Comply? That Is the Question

The corporate governance debate is intensifying in the UK, with a regulator calling on companies to provide more clear explanations for why they choose to ignore corporate governance guidelines.

Corporate Governance Update: Apple and Olympus Make News

Updating the Olympus scandal, surprising news from Apple, and tough new regulations in Australia: A look at corporate governance news from around the globe.

Best in Class in Proxy Disclosure: Prudential Financial

With proxy season just around the corner, Matt Orsagh, CFA, CIPM, takes a look at what makes Prudential Financial's proxy statement a shining beacon of good corporate disclosure.

New York Stock Exchange Quietly Concedes More Power to Investors

A landmark event in U.S. corporate governance may have slipped under the radar earlier this year. Matt Orsagh takes a look at NYSE Rule 452.

Second Year of U.S. “Say on Pay”: Is It Working Better than Expected?

As the 2012 proxy season gets underway, we’re already seeing signs that some companies learned from their poor Say-on-Pay showings in 2011.

Corporate Governance Update: BlackRock, Western Union, Olympus Kick off 2012 with a Bang

Matt Orsagh, CFA, CIPM, gives you a sneak peek at the corporate governance issues to watch in 2012.

Book Review: Fixing the Game: What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL

In his book, "Fixing the Game," Roger Martin claims that American CEOs managing for the the stock market is akin to NFL coaches and quarterbacks judging their success based on beating the point spread instead of actual wins and losses.

GE and KPMG: Too Close for Investor Comfort, but Not for SEC?

Shareholder concerns about a too-cozy relationship between GE and it's longtime auditor, KPMG, earns a finger wag from the SEC but not much else.

Excess Cash on the Balance Sheet? Globally, Investors Trust Corporations to Keep It, with a Few Exceptions

In a recent survey, CFA Institute asked our members what companies should do with excess cash held on their corporate balance sheets. We asked if they preferred that corporations retain their cash to make investments or self-fund corporate activities, or return the cash to shareowners through an increase in dividends, a special dividend, or a share buyback. We offered a noncommittal other option for the indecisive. The answers were illuminating, pointing to economic and perhaps cultural differences among respondents in markets around the world.

Global Corporate Governance: What Happened in 2011 and What to Expect in 2012

We don’t wish to play favorites here, so we won’t look at any single corporate governance development as more important than another. So let’s review alphabetically, by country:

Australia: In 2011, the “two-strikes rule” (Corporations Amendment Bill 2011)… READ MORE ›

New Year’s Resolution: Better CEO Compensation Disclosure in 2012

Last week GovernanceMetrics International (GMI) published its 2011 CEO Pay Survey highlighting changes in compensation levels for CEOs of U.S. companies in 2010. In the days following the survey’s release it was hard to avoid headlines decrying… READ MORE ›

Vote Early, Vote Often: Mark Your Ballot for the Worst in Disclosure for 2011

One of the joys of the year end is sifting through the interminable “best of/ worst of” wrap-ups found in seemingly every print or web publication. Whether you love or loathe this end-of-year tradition, we have a treat for… READ MORE ›

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