Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Update November 2011: Canada Sets High Bar. Australia Throws First Strikes.

Europe — Corporate Governance Changes in the Midst of the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Given the trajectory of headlines around the European financial crisis, by the time you read this post, the EU may not exist as an economic union. But… READ MORE ›

REIT Governance: from Father to Son but at What Price?

As the recent K-REIT acquisition of 87.5 percent of Ocean Financial Centre from K-REIT parent company Keppel Land — and whether the deal was fair to minority shareholders — continues to hog the limelight, the Monetary Authority of… READ MORE ›

Blurry Images: Investors, Regulators, Auditors Missed Olympus Warning Signs

It is alarming to note how much has transpired in the past month at Olympus Corporation in Japan. According to published reports, Michael Woodford, the ex-CEO of Olympus, began an investigation of the company’s records. This has unearthed… READ MORE ›

Asian REIT Market — Growing Pains for Investors

“Singapore overtaking Japan REITs” — that was the headline of an article in the October 2011 issue of AsianInvestor. Both REIT markets started a decade ago and took a pounding in the 2008 global financial crisis. Since then, Singapore… READ MORE ›

Corporate Governance in Japan — Plenty of Room for Improvement

Every year there are a few stories in the world of corporate governance that make investors shake their heads and say, “What was the board thinking?” The recent headlines involving Olympus in Japan may give the News Corp…. READ MORE ›

Asset Manager Code Recognized as Best Practice by International Corporate Governance Network

A leading global organization working to promote good corporate governance practices recently recommended that asset holders ask investment firms to comply with requirements of the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. The International Corporate Governance… READ MORE ›

Will “Say on Pay” Go Global, or Has It Already?

Much of the focus in this year’s global proxy season has been on the advisory vote on pay —more colloquially known as “say on pay” — in the United States. With thousands of companies facing a vote on executive… READ MORE ›

Proxy Access Rejected — Killing It Softly

Though arguably the weightiest potential corporate governance change in decades, a U.S. appeals court’s Friday ruling  striking down the SEC’s proxy access rule seemed to get lost in the sweltering weekend heat wave… READ MORE ›

An Arms Race We Should Welcome: The Race for Higher Corporate Governance Standards

Is the race for higher corporate governance standards heating up?

On 3 June the Singapore Exchange (SGX) proposed new listing rules that would improve the corporate governance of companies listed in Singapore. The proposed changes would require all primary-listed companies… READ MORE ›

Say on Pay 2011 Update: 20 Negative Votes and Counting

I’m a bad gambler.

Soon after a mandatory vote on “say on pay” became the law of the land last year, I made a friendly wager with a colleague in the corporate governance world about how many U.S. companies would… READ MORE ›

Japan: Change In A Time Of Crisis

They say that crisis often provides the inspiration for great change. If true, then Japan should be on the verge of a great renaissance as a consequence of enduring more than its share of crises in the past 6… READ MORE ›

EU: More Women on Boards

Have you noticed that women are typically under-represented in the boardrooms? Well, at least this is the case in Europe, where just one in 10 board members at Europe’s biggest companies are women and, in 97% of cases, the… READ MORE ›

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