Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Systemic Risk

Two Years after LIBOR Scandal: What Is State of Financial Benchmark Reform?

Need for meaningful reform was underscored recently when several banks were fined for rigging key foreign-exchange benchmarks.

DC Policy Update: What to Expect after the Midterm Elections (Podcast)

Jim Allen, CFA, hones in on three financial policy issues and their likely future in Congress post-mid-term elections.

European Bank Asset Quality Review: What We Now Know and Unanswered Questions

Initial assessment of results confirms that EU bank balance sheets were overvalued in recent years because of delayed loan write-downs.

A Fuller View: Information to Assess Derivatives Credit-Risk Exposures in Banks

Assessing derivatives exposures can be challenging because of incomparable, incomplete, and fragmented disclosures within financial reports.

Will EU Bank Asset Quality Review Boost Transparency, Investor Confidence?

Bank investors and other industry watchers are eagerly awaiting the findings, due in October.

SEC Toughens Money-Market Fund Rules: Floating NAV Addresses Systemic Risks

New rules help address perceived systemic risks posed by money-market funds in times of stress.

SEC to Vote on Money Market Fund Reform: Will It Benefit Investors?

CFA Institute recommends both a short- and long-term approach to reforming the industry to reduce systemic risk.

DC Policy Update: Mortgage Market Reform, OTC Derivatives, and Credit Rating Agencies (Podcast)

This podcast covers the Johnson-Crapo mortgage finance reform bill, OTC derivatives, systemic risk associated with central clearinghouses, and an overview credit rating agencies.

European Financial Reform Post-Crisis: Weighing the Costs

The banking union aims to facilitate a more integrated banking sector within the EU and to mitigate the potential for systemic risks from banks acting across borders yet supervised (until now) at a national level.

Sheila Bair: Role of Buy Side in Minimizing Systemic Risk (Video)

The former FDIC chair advocates for better market discipline in the private sector.

Mortgage Market Reform: The PATH between Symbolic Act and Reform Narrows

Jim Allen, CFA, discusses the likely legislative path of much-needed mortgage market reform.

CFA Institute: Investors Would Buy MBS Minus Guarantees with Better Underwriting Standards

It is the investment sector that will determine the ultimate success or failure of any MBS reform effort.

Volcker Rule, Risk, Regulatory Capital: 2014 Financial Policy Outlook (Video)

From the controversial Volcker Rule to new mortgage standards, several new regulations will test the effectiveness of U.S. financial industry oversight.

Will Asset Managers be the New SIFIs?

CFA Institutes urges additional research and analysis before reaching conclusions about whether asset managers pose systemic risk.

Regulators Finally Approve Volcker Rule Trading Ban: Lawyers Rejoice

Investors should be far less certain of celebration, for they have multiple interests at stake, not all of which align perfectly.

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