Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets

Board of Directors

CorpGov Roundup: Investors Have Opportunity to Speak Up in Multiple Regions

The corporate governance highlights from September include various regions either enhancing or introducing governance structures for an exchange, institutional investors, and companies in general.

The Current Status of Women on Boards in 2016: A Global Roundup

The percentage of women on boards is increasing, with some countries implementing quotas and more reports coming out that highlight the positive impact gender diversity has on company performance.

CorpGov Roundup: Key Issues Facing Boards in EMEA and Countries Review Corp Gov Codes

August roundup highlights non-executive directors’ views on issues facing boards, countries that are reviewing their corporate governance codes, and ways investors can speak up on corpgov policies.

Are Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance Any Good? Yes, They Are

The finalized Commonsense Principles of Corporate Governance provide a good starting place for effective governance in US companies. They offer a major step forward in improving engagement between shareowners and the companies they invest in.

Universal Proxy Ballot vs. Proxy Access: Which Leads to Better Board Accountability?

A universal proxy ballot is no replacement for more meaningful change to the current proxy system.

SEC OKs Whole Foods’ Proxy Access Proposal, but Is It in Investors’ Best Interests?

SEC decision may make it easy for companies to avoid meaningful proxy access simply by placing their own proxy access proposals on the ballot, with high-ownership thresholds.

Corp Gov Roundup: Petrobrás, Short-termism, “Say on Pay” Results

It’s time to span the corporate governance globe to review important developments from the month of June.

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