Talks Are Open, but America is Still Shut Down

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Today’s Highlight: Fed Chairs keep Getting Shorter
How low can the fed go?

Talks are Open
President Obama and the GOP met and failed to come to an agreement allow the country to continue borrowing, but they agreed to keep talking.

Big fund managers don’t want tougher US capital rules
The world’s largest fund managers are preparing a lobbying push to forestall tougher capital rules in the US and greater oversight of their activities, which some say would increase financial market stability.

JPMorgan lost $400m after $9.2bn charge
JPMorgan Chase fell to its first quarterly loss in more than eight years after taking a $9.2bn litigation charge.

IMF and Europe part ways over bailouts for euro-zone members
Are the euro zone and the IMF headed for divorce after Greece? Check it out.

Investors flee fund after founder’s prostitution bust
Virtually all investors have fled Common Sense Investment Management following the arrest of founder Jim Bisenius for soliciting a prostitute.

Bank Examiner Was Told to Back Off Goldman, Suit Says
A former bank examiner for the New York Federal Reserve claims in a suit that she was fired by the Fed for refusing to back down on a plan to downgrade Goldman Sachs for its conflict-of-interest policy.

U.S. rethinks how to release sensitive economic data amid unease over high-speed trading
Federal officials are discussing changes to how the government releases sensitive economic data, seeking to bring the system in line with fast-moving financial markets.

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill Discuss the upcoming “Wolf of Wall Street”
We can’t wait for this! Five-time collaborators Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have teamed up with actor Jonah Hill to film the most audacious movie about Wall Street ever made.

Daughter of ’Butcher of Tiananmen Square’ brokered secret deal for insurance giant
A secret deal that helped Zurich Insurance break into the Chinese market could come under investigation.

The Ravings of Niall Ferguson, the Real World, and the Needless Suffering of Tens of Millions
Niall Ferguson has achieved some standing as an intellectual with interesting things to say about the economy, but does he deserve it? finds today’s top headlines by following the best ‘curators’ on the Web and on Twitter, and by your votes and social media shares – pick the most important stories you think should appear by voting here.

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