Linkfest: Carl Icahn v. Tim Cook; JPMorgan’s Madoff penalty; Bank settlement battles, footnotes, and criminal liability

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Today’s most shared: Activist Icahn targets Apple… Possible Madoff penalty for JPMorgan… Bank settlements and lack of criminal liability… Lawyers battle over footnotes, commas as banks look for ways to sidestep new regs… SEC proposes crowdfunding regs.

JPMorgan Faces Possible Penalty in Madoff Case

Carl Icahn Letter to Apple’s (AAPL) Tim Cook
Carl Icahn’s letter to Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook posted on his new website.
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Morgan Stanley Joins BofA in Broker Recruiting Truce
Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Corp., owners of the world’s largest brokerages, say the days of paying big bonuses to lure each other’s brokers and keep their own in place may be ending.
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Banks Don’t Commit Financial Crime – People Commit Financial Crime
Cassandra does Tokyo
I read yesterday morning in the Japan Times that the JP Morgan settlement is thought to be a blueprint of future settlements. Some recompense to the Treasury, some putative damages to act a deterrent for the future, but a decided lack of culpability in the veritable errrr ummm culprits.
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I See Your Footnote 88, and Raise You Footnote 513, Or, Kafka Squared
In September, the CFTC’s new SEF rule threw swap market participants into a panic when they realized that footnote 88 buried within the rule would require instruments that were thought to have been outside the scope of the rule to be traded on the new SEFs. But two can play the footnote game.
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Spike in China money rates raises cash-crunch fears
Financial Times
China’s money rates shot up on Thursday after the central bank withdrew cash from the financial system, fuelling worries that the world’s second-biggest economy might see a replay of a liquidity squeeze that rattled global markets earlier t…
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JPMorgan Faces Possible Penalty in Madoff Case
New York Times
Prosecutors are said to be considering possible criminal penalties, suspecting the bank turned a blind eye to Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.
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Pinterest Does Another Massive Funding — $225 Million at $3.8 Billion Valuation
Pin this! An even more ginormous pile of money for the social bookmarking phenom.
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Europe already has one foot in ’Japanese’ deflation grave
The Telegraph
Europe is sliding into a deflationary trap, displacing Japan as the world’s epicentre of policy error. The effect is already causing debt ratios in half a dozen countries to ratchet upwards to the point of no return.
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Greenspan Says Stocks Are ‘Relatively Low’ and Heading Upward
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the stock market has room to rise from record levels.
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Bank of America loses fraud trial over U.S. mortgages
NEW YORK, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp was found liable for fraud on Wednesday on claims related todefective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit, a major winfor the U.S. government.
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A Moot Effort to Burnish the Reputation of Goldman Sachs
New York Times
Since the financial crisis, Lloyd C. Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, has striven to build his name back up, but Goldman’s good name has collapsed.
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ETF Investors Now More Deeply Invested in Dividend Funds Than Treasuries
Here’s a sign of the fear of the Federal Reserve and the love for yield. ETF investors now have more money in dividend-themed funds than they do in ETFs devoted to Treasury bonds.
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