Linkfest: Germany rejects FX blame game; Libor reform proves tricky; Harvard’s endowment unimpressive

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Today’s most shared: Germany pushes back on criticism of economic policies… Specter of deflation haunts Europe… Oracle shareholders vote overwhelmingly against Ellison’s compensation package… Libor unreformed despite scandal… After long superior record, Harvard endowment’s 5-year performance trails rivals… Buffett acquisitions slow and cash piles up… Finance or tech for best and brightest?

The Economist - Fawlty Europe

Germany calls U.S. criticism of its economic policies ’incomprehensible’
Wall Street Journal
Germany described as "incomprehensible" U.S. criticism of its export-led economic policies.
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Fawlty Europe
The Economist
“DON’T mention the war” is the catchphrase from one of the best-loved scenes in “Fawlty Towers”, a British television comedy series.
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Europe moves nearer Japan-style deflation trap with shock price falls
The Telegraph
ECB warned it must take immediate and pre-emptive action to head off the risk of full-blown deflation by next year.
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Oracle Shareholders Oppose Compensation for Ellison
New York Times
A majority of the software giant’s shareholders voted against a nonbinding resolution on pay practices.
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The CFTC is so starved for cash it is delaying cases and shelving certain probes, a top official said.
Wall Street Journal
The CFTC is so cash-starved that it is being forced to delay cases, shelve certain probes and decided not to file charges against two men in the "London whale" trading mess, a top official said.
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Credit Suisse dismisses London trader over ’unusual trading’ losses
Wall Street Journal
Credit Suisse said a London trader within its investment bank racked up nearly $6 million in losses that haven’t previously been made public.
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After Fraud, the Fog Around Libor Hasn’t Cleared
New York Times
Regulators who wanted to change Libor have been outmaneuvered by those who did not want to risk damaging one of the biggest and most lucrative markets around.
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Energy hedge funds crushed despite market "screaming for investment"
Energy market traders think there are still huge opportunities to make money even though many are down big this year.
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Harvard: Great school, lousy investor
Harvard has America’s largest college or university endowment, but not nearly its best.
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Buffett’s $40 Billion Cash Pile Provides Acquisition Fuel
Warren Buffett, who aims to have $20 billion in cash at his Berkshire Hathaway Inc., isn’t investing fast enough to keep money from piling up.
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For a High-Powered Career, It’s Finance vs. Tech
New York Times
Robert J. Shiller, the Nobel-winning economist, and Vivek Wadhwa, vice president of innovation and research at Singularity University, spar at a conference debate.
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There’s no global wine shortage
As analysts have known since long before Henry Blodget was covering Amazon, the way to make a splash is to come out with a bold, headline-worthy thesis.
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