Linkfest: ECB’s surprise rate cut; Twitter’s IPO; Wall Street bonuses up, except for bond traders

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Today’s most shared: Triumph of the doves: reaction to ECB’s surprise rate cut… Triumph of the nerds: Twitter goes public… Wall Street bonuses predicted to rise, except for sell-side bond traders… NYC Police Commissioner to stop and frisk bankers at JP Morgan? … Steve Cohen’s awkward video testimony on SAC’s insider trading policies… Extend and pretend in Spain, or never trust a bank’s financial statements… Should the Feds stay in the mortgage business?

European Central Bank Cuts Key Rate to 0.25%
Wall Street Journal
It’s monetary policy decision day for both of Europe’s big central banks.
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ECB surprises with shock interest rate cut
Business Insider
The ECB announces its November policy decision. ECB president Mario Draghi holds a press conference and Q&A to discuss euro area monetary policy.
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Tracking Twitter’s I.P.O.
New York Times
Twitter begins life as a public company on Thursday, and DealBook will be following the first day of trading as it happens.
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Wall St. Bonuses Over All Are Predicted to Rise 5 to 10% (Bond Traders Excluded)
New York Times
Bonuses for bond traders are expected to drop up to 10 percent, while financial advisers and asset managers can expect bonuses to increase by about 15 percent.
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Ray Kelly in talks for JPMorgan job
NY Post
He’s outta here! NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is in advanced talks to take the top security job at JPMorgan Chase as Bill De Blasio takes office as mayor, after campaigning as a critic of NYPD policies.
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Watch Billionaire Steven Cohen Stumble Over Insider Trading Rules
In a never-before-published video, hedge fund titan Steven A. Cohen, whose firm this week pleaded guilty to securities fraud, describes federal securities laws as "vague," and asks for an explanation of basic SEC insider trading rules.
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Bitcoin Is A Joke
Business Insider
The popular digital currency is for clowns.
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Dimon Says Keep Higher Standards in Warning to Employees
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon called on employees to be vigilant about their language in e-mails and instant messages amid growing regulatory scrutiny of traders’ written communications.
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Why did Spain’s mortgage delinquency rate rise slowly as unemployment soared?
Wall Street Journal
Bank earnings reveal part of the answer to a question puzzling Spanish bank analysts: Why did the country’s mortgage delinquency rate rise so slowly even as unemployment soared above 26%?
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The One Mortgage Fix Washington Isn’t Talking About
The Washington consensus about how to fix the mortgage market looks a lot like Obamacare: A complicated Rube Goldberg device. Why isn’t anyone talking about something simpler?
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Photo credit: Business Insider – ECB surprises with shock interest rate cut


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