Linkfest: PIMCO shuffle; Bank reform bites swaps market, LBOs; China princelings’ assets

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  • Shifts at top of Pimco after tough year for the world’s largest bond fund.
  • Bank reform regulations bite as 6x EBITDA leverage cap guidance hits LBO lending, swaps market splinters between centrally cleared and OTC dealers.
  • British Virgin Islands assets of China ‘princelings’ leaked.
  • Buffett’s protégée.
  • Argentina’s financial troubles.
  • Hedge fund manager says long hours on Wall Street are worth it, unless you die young or have to manage traders.
  • Why Bitcoin matters.

Pimco CEO El-Erian Resigns
Wall Street Journal
Pacific Investment Management Co. CEO and co-chief investment officer Mohamed El-Erian has resigned from the investment firm, effective mid-March, the company announced Tuesday.
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US swaps trading rules have ‘split market’
Financial Times
New US legislation for swaps trading has dramatically fragmented the transatlantic market in the past three months, with European dealers unwilling to trade with US counterparts and shunning clearing, an industry study has found.
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Regulatory pressures are pushing many of the biggest banks to pass on financing lucrative deals.
Wall Street Journal
Regulatory pressures are pushing many of the biggest banks to pass on financing lucrative deals, as Washington targets excessive borrowing.
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China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven
Relatives of political leaders including China’s current president and former premier named in trove of leaked documents from the British Virgin Islands
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Buffett Leans on 29-Year-Old Cool to Oversee Problems
When Warren Buffett bought half of a commercial mortgage finance company in 2009, he hired a 25-year- old fresh out of business school to keep tabs on the investment.
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SYRIZA gives up on "odious debt" write-off but not major debt relief
For some SYRIZA supporters it was they key to a leftist government succeeding but now the prospect of Alexis Tsipras coming to power and repudiating a large chunk of Greece’s debt has been played down, by SYRIZA itself.
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The very model of a modern central banker
Financial Times
Ben Bernanke, outgoing chairman, deserves credit for the Fed’s handling of the crisis. History will probably judge him kindly. But there is much to be learnt from his time at the Fed.
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Mary O’Grady: Argentina’s Crumbling Economy
Wall Street Journal
In The Wall Street Journal, Mary Anastasia O’Grady writes that officially, inflation in Argentina is 10.5%, but skeptics think it’s much higher. Capital flight is accelerating.
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Hedge Funds Assets Increase 17% to Record $2.63 Trillion
Hedge-fund assets increased by 17 percent last year, reaching a record $2.63 trillion, according to Hedge Fund Research Inc.
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IBM: "I’ve Been Manipulated"?
Jeff Matthews
Managing earnings at an old-school tech bellwether.
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Work Weekends and Long Hours, Fund Manager Advises Young Bankers
New York Times
Randall Dillard, managing director and chief investment officer at Liongate Capital Management, says long hours worth it, but steer clear of private equity. And managing traders, who just whine.
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Why Bitcoin Matters
New York Times
Bitcoin is the first practical solution to a longstanding problem in computer science, Marc Andreessen writes in Another View.
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The Commissar for Traffic presents the latest Five-Year Plan – Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
What do Paul Samuelson and the U.S. Department of Transportation have in common? Bad forecasts driven by naive or wishful extrapolation.
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