Linkfest: Ukraine crisis; Market efficiency; Income inequality; Fannie Mae debate

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  • Ukraine crisis remains at center stage as Putin remarks ease tensions.
  • Asness on market efficiency.
  • Income inequality, the economy and markets.
  • Why are we even still debating over the carcasses of Fannie Mae and the GSEs?
  • The economic utility of having children.

How Stocks React to Geopolitical Uncertainty
Wall Street Journal
An escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine roiled global markets Monday, but if history is any indication, the declines may be short-lived.
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Russia and Ukraine Have Bigger Problems Than Each Other
The crisis in Ukraine is obscuring the slow-motion collapse in both Russia and Ukraine’s economies.
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Ten handy phrases for bluffing your way through the Ukraine crisis
We’re all journalists now, apparently, so when a major foreign policy crisis comes along it is important to be prepared. Everyone must learn the art of winging it as the big news breaks.
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The Great Divide over Market Efficiency
Institutional Investor
The Nobel committee decided to split the economic prize between Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller — and that’s okay.
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The role of income inequality
The income inequality problem is an issue to be confronted in order to avoid stagnation.
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We Should Have Killed Fannie Mae When We Had the Chance
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have told investors for years that they’re not looking out for shareholders. Now some shareholders are complaining that the companies aren’t looking out for them. Go figure.
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SEC Can Explain Why It’s So Good at Selling Stocks
The SEC’s insider trading policies suggest that the SEC doesn’t really understand how insider trading works. Which is troubling!
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Pimco – The Second Coming
Investment Outlook – The Second Coming
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Japan Base Wages Rise for First Time in Nearly Two Years
Wall Street Journal
In a sign that Abenomics may be starting to bear fruit, the basic earnings of workers in Japan rose for the first time in almost two years in January.
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Citigroup Joins JPMorgan in Seeing Trading-Revenue Drop
Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are bracing investors for a fourth straight drop in first- quarter trading, a period of the year when the largest investment banks typically earn the most from that business.
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Forex trading speeds up moves to computer platform
Financial Times
Tired of headlines about alleged trader misbehaviour, investment banking executives are accelerating longstanding efforts to save costs and become technology leaders by replacing humans with computers.
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That’s So Random
Randomness must be actively accounted for as part of the investing equation.
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Facebook In Talks To Acquire Drone Maker Titan Aerospace
Facebook, one of the primary backers of the initiative, which aims to bring affordable Internet access to the 5 billion people in the world who still lack connectivity, is in talks with a company that could help further that agenda.
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