Linkfest: Yellen spooks markets; HFT infallibility; All the news that’s fit to sell something

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  • A gentleman is never unintentionally rude, and a Fed chair is never unintentionally hawkish.
  • Why do HFT firms rarely lose money?
  • Inside the news sausage factory: It’s only news if someone doesn’t want it in the paper… but it’s only in the paper if makes Bloomberg or Forbes a buck, or at least doesn’t cost them.
  • EU banking union moves forward.
  • If you’re are eating Post-It Notes, you may want to reconsider your life choices.
  • Tail risk, out-of-the-money puts, and how to lose six figures on March Madness.
  • ‘Tale’ risk, the power of narratives, and sensationalism in financial media.
  • Borrowing against your home to invest in stocks: bad advice or worst advice ever? (Although, effectively, anytime you buy a stock instead of paying down your mortgage, you’re doing the same thing.)

Unintentionally Hawkish
Economist’s View
The outcome of the FOMC meeting was pretty much as I anticipated. Asset purchases were cut by $10 billion. The Evans rule was dumped. And forward guidance was enhanced to emphasize that rates would be low for a long, long time. All seems pretty much in-line with the general consensus. Yet financial market participants took a hawkish view of the news.
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What does Yellen’s "around six months" mean?
Calculated Risk
1) When does six months end? 2) Is this data dependent? 3) Is this new news?
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Why Do High Frequency Traders Never Lose Money?
I know there are people who do not believe that "liquidity provision" is a thing, but the people who pay for it seem to believe in it, so what does that tell you?
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Bloomberg Should Have Rethought Articles on China, Chairman Says
New York Times
Sales of the company’s financial-data terminals declined sharply in China after its news service published articles on the family wealth of high-ranking politicians in the country.
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At financial news sites, stock promoters make inroads
Several finance websites — including and Seeking Alpha — have published articles by guest contributors who were allegedly paid to promote the stocks they were writing about, raising ethical concerns.
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EU reaches deal on final piece of banking union
Financial Times
Europe agreed the final piece of its banking union after marathon talks ended on Thursday, with a deal on a common system for handling bank crises that largely bends to Germany’s red lines.
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Accused Insider Traders Ate Post-It Notes In Vain
This post is like extra-super-special not legal advice. It’s pretty much literally illegal advice. Please don’t do it.
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Bernie Madoff speaks: Politics, remorse and Wall Street
From his office on the 17th floor of midtown Manhattan’s red enameled Lipstick Building, Bernard Madoff often handled billions of dollars in a single day. These days, at the medium-security prison here, the man convicted of orchestrating the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history is forbidden from possessing even a handful of quarters.
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The Global Economy’s Tale Risks by Robert J. Shiller
Project Syndicate
Fluctuations in the world’s economies are largely due to the stories we hear and tell about them.
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Here’s Possibly The Worst Financial Advice Ever
Huffington Post
Little by little, the crazy is returning to financial markets. Borrowing money against your overpriced home in order to gamble in the stock market is the sort of bananas thing people did before the housing bubble popped and the stock market crashed.
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Traders Gonna Trade, Or Tail Risk, Out-Of-The-Money Puts, And How To Lose Six Figures On March Madness
Your brackets should be in by now. The 2014 NCAA Tournament gets underway in earnest in less than an hour. I think it’s the best three weeks of the sports year. As always, I picked my Duke Blue Dev…
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