Linkfest: Retail stores dying a slow death? Buffett, Gates, Adelson pitch immigration reform; Does GDP miss huge tech gains?

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  • Brick-and-mortar stores have more than a weather problem. Death of the mall? On the other hand, hotels are on track for best year since 2000.
  • Adelson, Buffett, Gates favor immigration reform, decry political gridlock.
  • Epic possible ‘pump-and-dump’ with no assets or revenue but $4b valuation – halted by SEC.
  • Wall Street trading revenue dries up.
  • Fed’s Fischer argues for explicit financial stability manadate for the Fed. Fed looks at overhauling Fed funds rate calculation.
  • SEC to order institutional money market funds to float share price, break the buck.
  • Technology is a dilemma for GDP calculations. Digital services create huge effective price drops, Moore’s law would suggest prices dropping by 50% every couple of years for technology that is an ever greater part of the economy.
  • Is Big Oil the new subprime? New projects require ever-higher oil prices, as alternatives are more and more competitive.
  • Department of possibly spurious correlations: racehorse prices rise, signaling less caution.

American retailers may have more than a weather problem
Wall Street Journal
American retailers may have more than a weather problem. For many stores, customer traffic has slowed and sales weakened in the spring, when warmer temperatures had been expected to help business.
shared by @DougKass, @jennablan, Naked Capitalism
Hotels: Occupancy Rate up 4.4%, RevPAR up 9.0% in Latest Survey
Calculated Risk
Right now it looks like 2014 will be the best year since 2000 for hotels.
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Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform
New York Times
Congress should start by encouraging skilled workers and investors.
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In The Matter Of Cynk Technology Corp. – Suspension of Trading
In The Matter Of Cynk Technology Corp. – Suspension of Trading
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Alibaba Nears SEC Blessing as Biggest IPO Causes Few Ripples in Washington
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s proposal for what could be the largest initial stock offering in U.S. history is sailing through Washington with few bumps.
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The Ugliest Part Of Wall Street Is About To Be Revealed For All The World To See
Business Insider
Warnings that Wall Street trading revenue would plummet have been coming since May, now we’re going to see how bad the situation really is.
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Despite Exposure of Madoff Fraud, New Ponzi Schemes Emerge
New York Times
Financial regulators say a new Ponzi scheme operator is found nearly every week, and legal actions are brought against about 100 such questionable investment operations every year.
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Is the Fed Behind the Curve?
Imagine Fed Governor Rip van Winkle started his nap at the beginning of 2007 and just woke up to find that inflation is close to the Fed’s objective and the unemployment rate is at its 30-year average. You could forgive him for expecting rates to be closer to their long-run averages.
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Fed vice chairman suggests including financial stability among chief goals
Washington Post
Stanley Fischer says policymakers lack strong understanding of effectiveness of macroprudential tools
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Fed explores overhaul of key rate
Financial Times
The US Federal Reserve is exploring an overhaul of the Federal funds rate – a benchmark that underlies almost every financial transaction in the world – as it prepares for an eventual rise in interest rates.
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The Invisible Economy
The Atlantic
Our techniques for measuring economic performance are obsolete, obscuring a complete picture of how we’re faring.
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Prime Money Funds to Float $1 Share Price Under SEC Plan
The riskiest money-market mutual funds will have to let their share prices fluctuate and charge investors withdrawal fees during times of stress under tougher U.S. rules set for adoption this month.
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Fossil industry is the subprime danger of this cycle
The Telegraph
The cumulative blitz on energy exploration and production over the past six years has been $5.4 trillion, yet production is flat as the industry is running to stand still.
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Jobs are staying vacant longer than ever
Washington Post
The average job opening went unfilled for 25.1 days in May, the longest duration on record. Exactly why employers are dragging their feet so much is unclear.
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Talk about animal spirits: there’s a link between racehorse prices and capital spending.
Wall Street Journal
A hallmark of this recovery has been the skittishness of businesses, especially when it comes to undertaking big capital spending projects. That caution seems to be easing—and the idea comes straight from the horse’s mouth.
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