Linkfest: Yellen at the helm; How China capital flight fuels NYC real estate; Risky reach for yield

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Today’s most shared:

  • Janet Yellen: The new hand on the lever.
  • How Chinese money finds its way into overseas real estate and other assets.
  • BIS flags dangers of reaching for yield.
  • Epic penny stock CYNK: Pump-and-dump? or engineered short squeeze?
  • Senate probes how hedge fund alchemy transforms high speed trading profits into long term gains for tax purposes.
  • Amazon inspires love, fear, loathing.
  • Citibank pays fine, resolves mortgage probe.
  • Bill Gates’s favorite business book.

Nicholas Lemann: Janet Yellen Confronts the Financial Crisis
New Yorker
There is an old saw that the Fed chair is the second most powerful person in government. Janet Yellen is notable not only for being the first female Fed chair but also for being the most liberal since FDR appointee Marriner Eccles.
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Why the Chinese Are Snapping Up Real Estate in the U.S.
The Chinese shopping spree of American real estate is ramping up, with buyers focused on more expensive homes in dense urban areas in California, New York and Washington state.
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Secret Path Revealed for Chinese Billions Overseas
For years, wealthy Chinese have been transferring billions worth of their money overseas, snapping up pricey real estate in markets including New York, Sydney and Vancouver despite their country’s currency restrictions.
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BIS chief fears fresh Lehman from worldwide debt surge
The Telegraph
Jaime Caruana says investors are ignoring prospect of higher interest rates in the hunt for returns.
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Cynk Makes the Case for Buying Friends, Naked Short Selling
Bloomberg View
Is Cynk a short-seller trap? Maybe? I don’t know. I guess not? But wouldn’t it be cool if it was?
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Renaissance Probed by Senate Panel on Tax Maneuver
Senate investigates how funds turn short-term gains into long-term gains for tax purposes.
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Here’s What Obama’s ’Part-Time America’ Really Looks Like
The Atlantic
The president’s critics love this talking point. But since 2010, full-time jobs are up 7.6 million, and part-time jobs have declined by more than 900,000.
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It’s Not the Economy, Stupid
New York Times
What explains health care reform’s success?
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Gavyn Davies: Shackling the Fed with the Taylor Rule
Financial Times
One of the most notable aspects of the response of western democracies to the cataclysmic economic events of the past decade has been the absence of any attempt to restrict the powers of the central banks.
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From Benghazi to the Boardroom: The Road to the $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement
New York Times
How a raid in Libya and a feat of accounting led Citigroup and the Justice Department to a breakthrough in settlement talks.
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Citigroup to pay $7 billion to resolve mortgage probe
Wall Street Journal
Citigroup’s deal with the Justice Department comes after 2½ months of tense negotiating.
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Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed
New York Times
Is resistance to Amazon futile in the book publishing world? Its battle with Hachette has many on edge.
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How the CIA Partnered With Amazon and Changed Intelligence
Amazon is building a cloud for the intelligence community that could bridge the sort of gaps that preceded the 9/11 attacks.
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Does Anyone Even Want a Smartwatch?
New York
Nearly every big tech company is betting on them in unison.
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Bill Gates on his favorite business book
Wall Street Journal
John Brooks’s 1960s collection ’Business Adventures’ still offers many insights into running a strong business, writes Bill Gates.
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Understanding Hiring Difficulty: It’s Not that Complicated
Hiring difficulty is increasing in the United States. This is good for workers, because it signifies rising demand from employers. Yet, the notion that companies are not immediately filling their vacancies—at a time when many are still unemployed—is generating confusion and even opprobrium directed at corporate America.
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This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions
New York Times
Gas tax increases are unpopular, so Congress has been turning to some wishful math to pay for road repairs.
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