Linkfest: Yellen notes some valuations ‘substantially stretched;’ Pimco turmoil; Santelli still loud, wrong

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  • Yellen reports to Congress, notes ‘substantially stretched’ valuations of some stocks. Apparently she’s not a buyer of stock in ‘Yo.’
  • Pimco turmoil stories continue.
  • Original tea party viral ranter Santelli louder than ever after 5-years of money-losing advice.
  • Ex CalPERS CEO admits taking cash kickbacks.
  • BRICS start their own IMF and World Bank.

At Pimco, executives clash with the bond giant’s founder and star investor, Bill Gross
Wall Street Journal
Pimco and its founder Bill Gross are struggling to end tumult at the world’s biggest bond firm six months after the abrupt resignation of its previous CEO, Mohamed El-Erian.
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Ex-CalPERS CEO admits he’s a crook
A kickback scandal at America’s largest public pension included $200,000 of cash stuffed into shoeboxes and paper bags.
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Draghi Says Banks Shouldn’t Count on Another Carry Trade
Banks shouldn’t count on a fresh round of European Central Bank cash to trade sovereign debt and reap big profits, Mario Draghi said.
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Here’s why Larry Summers is wrong about secular stagnation
Washington Post
The economy’s slump is about the Great Recession, not a great reset
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Just How Wealthy Is the Average American?
Remembering the difference between mean and median.
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BRICS Fight Waning Clout With $150 Billion Deal in Brazil Summit
The leaders of five of the world’s largest emerging markets will showcase a new currency reserve fund and development bank this week. Critics say neither is enough to revive the group’s waning clout.
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Kara Swisher: Tech’s Most Powerful Snoop
New York
After striking out on her own from the WSJ, the combination of access and toughness has made her a preeminent arbiter of status.
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Nebraska Kid Takes Selfie With Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett
A musician and a billionaire sit on a bench ion middle America. Can you guess what happens next?
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