Linkfest: A Federal ‘Firing Squad On Capitalism?’ Murdoch targets Time Warner; Obama targets ‘inversion’ mergers

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  • SEC commissioner calls Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) a ‘Firing Squad On Capitalism,’ and power grab against the SEC and Wall Street.
  • HFT speed racers snap up microwave towers to gain milliseconds on rivals, or prevent them from gaining an edge.
  • Obama Administration targets mergers that move US companies offshore and sidestep the taxman.
  • Will BRIC counterparts to World Bank, IMF change the financial order? China has the reserves to put to work in development and stabilizing FX markets, and the golden rule is: “He who has the gold, makes the rules.”
  • As long as there is fiat money and a central bank, there will be debate about the ‘natural’ rate of interest.
  • CEOs who curse.

SEC official vows to defend agency from Fed encroachment
A Republican member of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission slammed the Federal Reserve and a council of financial regulators on Tuesday, accusing them of a power grab on everything from asset managers to high-speed trading.
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Rupert Murdoch Said to Have Made Offer for Time Warner
New York Times
Twenty-First Century Fox, the media empire run by Rupert Murdoch, made an $80 billion takeover bid in recent weeks for Time Warner but was rebuffed, said people briefed on the matter.
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Obama administration urges immediate action on ’inversions’
Wall Street Journal
The Obama administration joined the growing debate over U.S. companies reincorporating overseas for tax purposes, urging lawmakers to pass legislation to limit the moves.
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Wall Street Grabs NATO Towers in Traders’ Speed-of-Light Quest
High frequency traders buy up microwave towers to gain a few milliseconds of speed edge, or in some cases to prevent competitors from gaining on them.
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`Artificial’ Interest Rates Are the Real Deal
Bloomberg View
As long as we have a central bank, interest rates in some sense will be artificial.
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Risk aversion and the natural rate of interest
New York Fed
The natural rate of interest may be lower than normal when shocks increase risk aversion and liquidity preference.
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Graphic Language: The Curse of the CEO
Graphic: CEO cursing on conference calls spiked after the recession. Who are the saltiest CEOs?
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Target the planning laws not the one per cent
Financial Times
Zoning and planning are a way for people who already own real estate to extract wealth from those who need real estate.
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S&P Weighs Restarting Talks on U.S. Suit
Wall Street Journal
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, after more than a year of fighting a crisis-era lawsuit, is willing to reopen discussions with the Justice Department to settle the case.
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Alpha addict: The amazing career of Leon Cooperman
His days start at 5:15 a.m. and end at 11 p.m. But the long hours more than pay off for Leon Cooperman, the billionaire founder of Omega Advisors.
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The End of the World Bank?
Bloomberg View
The BRICS nations are committing more resources to their new financial institutions than to the IMF and World Bank. That is a real threat to the established financial order.
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Yellen Testimony – Tim Duy’s Fed Watch
Economist’s View
Yellen still dovish, but acknowledges hawks’ arguments, says watching labor market closely for signs of inflation.
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Gowex Chief Orchestrated Sham by Hiding Lies in Plain Sight
In the end, the most shocking part of Let’s Gowex SA’s implosion this month wasn’t that the Wi-Fi company, worth 1.9 billion euros ($2.6 billion) just three months ago, was a fraud. It’s that it wasn’t spotted sooner.
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Jill Abramson: "I’m Not Ashamed of Getting Fired"
When Jill Abramson was appointed the first female executive editor of The New York Times, it was a big deal. When she was fired only two and a half years into the gig for her ‘brusque management style,’ it was an even bigger deal.
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