Linkfest: SEC investigates HFT firms; Fed’s job market dashboard; Bull market corrections and geopolitical risk

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  • SEC targets HFT firms, House committee staff member.
  • The Fed’s new labor market index, a key policy indicator per comments from Yellen and other central bankers.
  • Bull market corrections; geopolitical risk.
  • Many still think Greece will need another bailout.
  • Druckenmiller, a few others think the Fed is behind the curve.
  • US’s potential GDP growth is a matter of debate.
  • China derivatives.
  • Forbes sells to Asian moguls

SEC targets 10 firms in high frequency trading probe – SEC document
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been seeking information on 10 registered broker dealers as part of an ongoing investigation into high-frequency trading strategies,
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SEC Says House Insider-Trading Probe Involves 44 Funds
An insider-trading probe involving the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee and a top staff member also includes dozens of hedge funds, investment advisers and other firms, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in a court filing.
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Fed Unveils a New Job-Market Index
David Wessel explains a new “labor markets conditions index” developed by Federal Reserve economists that uses a statistical model to summarize whether the job market is improving or deteriorating.
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Stock Corrections After Long Winning Streaks
“If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn’t be in stocks.” – John Bogle
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How Geopolitical Threats Affect the Stock Market
The Reformed Broker
Tonight we’re going to talk about how geopolitical threats affect the stock market.
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Greece Seen Needing Third Bailout as Bonds Insufficient
Greece’s return to bond markets after a four-year exile hasn’t convinced economists it can avoid a third bailout.
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Some Top Money Managers Push for Fed to Start Raising Interest Rates
New York Times
One financier said at the CNBC Delivering Alpha conference on Wednesday that the Fed was out of step with the markets. Another said the Fed’s policy was “fraught with unappreciated risks.”
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America’s lost oomph
The Economist
Back in the mid-1990s, America’s economic prospects suddenly brightened. Productivity soared. Immigrants and foreign capital flocked to take advantage of what was quickly dubbed the “New Economy”. The jobless rate fell to 4%, yet inflation remained low. All this led economists to conclude that America’s potential rate of growth—the speed at which the economy can expand while keeping unemployment steady and inflation stable—had risen sharply from its decades-long average of 3%, to 3.5% or even higher.
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China CDS trading booms
CDS net notional doubles on back of China fears. PIMCO a major liquidity provider on the contract. Concern over default protection persists.
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China To Commence Options Trading
China’s first options exchange is expected to launch later this year or early next year, and in preparation, U.S. market makers have been working with Chinese trading firms to educate them on the nuances of options market making and trading.
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Forbes Media Agrees To Sell Majority Stake To A Group Of International Investors To Accelerate The Company’s Global Growth
Forbes Family Will Retain Significant Interest; Current Management Team Will Remain in Place, Steve Forbes will continue as Chairman and Editor-in-Chief
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