Linkfest: Good inflation news; Hedge fund and HFT tax dodges; Less cooperation, more risk in global finance

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  • Inflation fails to rear its head.
  • Senate inquiry says hedge funds and HFTs dodged taxes by claiming fast trades were done within a basket structure that turned short-term trading profits into long-term gains; Renaissance alone accused of dodging $6b in taxes.
  • Argentina ruling means countries and debtors who need to restructure, and would be made better off by restructuring, will be unable to restructure.
  • The global financial system is increasingly about power and national interest, not rules and cooperation.
  • Covenant-light junk loans are the new normal as the Fed has been unsuccessful in attempts to limit risky bank lending.
  • Deficit scolds would be more credible if they weren’t the same people who think high financial sector leverage and risk is fine, even with high complexity and opacity.
  • People who focus on the past tend to be too risk-averse, those who focus on the present spend too much. And those who look to the future often pick bad investments.
  • Humans are hard-wired to trust stories over data.
  • Americans cash balances hit new high.
  • Rise of big-box retailers found to increase productivity, wages.

Inflation: mismeasurement, irrational expectations, and reality.
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Senate Inquiry Faults Hedge Funds’ Tax Strategy
New York Times
Hedge funds have claimed billions of dollars in tax savings through complex financial structures created by Barclays and Deutsche Bank, a Senate inquiry has found.
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Subcommittee finds “basket options” misused to dodge billions in taxes and bypass federal leverage limits
Subcommittee finds “basket options” misused to dodge billions in taxes and bypass federal leverage limits.
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Long-term damage of the US court’s Argentinian debt ruling
The US court ruling forcing Argentina to pay its hold-out creditors has big implications. In the future, it will not be not enough for the debtor and 92% of creditors to reach an agreement, if holdouts and a New York judge can block it. This will make both debtors and creditors worse-off.
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The unravelling of the global financial system
The international financial system is part of international power politics.
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An Imaginary Budget and Debt Crisis
New York Times
The deficit scolds are still going at it, even though the whole panic turned out to be a false alarm.
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China debt tops 250% of national income
Financial Times
China’s total debt load has climbed to more than two and a half times the size of its economy, underscoring the difficult challenge facing Beijing as it seeks to spur growth without sowing the seeds of a financial crisis.
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Fed’s Junk Loan Bubble-Busting Faces Trouble as Sales Jump
One of the Federal Reserve’s first post-crisis tests of its ability to quash excessive risk-taking using regulatory tools is so far looking like a failure.
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An Eye to the Past Can Help Guide the Future
New York Times
A survey finds financial health is higher among those who dwell on the past, compared with those who live in the moment or even plan for the future.
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The Psy-Fi Blog: Mistrust the Financial Storytellers
The Psy-Fi Blog
We’re inclined to favor people who tell stories over those who crunch data.
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Let them eat cosmopolitanism
The Economist
The more pleased globally minded egalitarians are with emerging-market trends over the past generation, the more concerned they ought to be with national income inequality.
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Americans’ checking accounts are filling with cash, but they’re afraid to spend it
Washington Post
Average checking account balances hit a new high, a according to a new study.
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Do Large Modern Retailers Pay Premium Wages?
Big box retailers pay higher wages than mom-and-pop stores, attract better workers, and promote from within.
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Wall Street Cut From Guest List for Jackson Hole Fed Meeting
Wall Street’s invitations to Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole gathering get lost in the mail.
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