Linkfest: Median household wealth’s long-term decline; The most important charts; ‘Ace’ Greenberg

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  • Median household wealth declines, even as total wealth rises, a sign of increasing inequality.
  • Investors and analysts pick the most important charts.
  • Bear Stearns’s rise and fall, and the late Ace Greenberg.
  • Argentina default looms.
  • Russia ordered to pay Khodorkovsky, Yukos shareholders $50b.
  • Shinzo Abe’s domestic popularity declines.
  • Refrigeration changes China.

The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less
New York Times
The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household fell 36 percent in the 10 years ended in 2013, according to a study.
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Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal The Most Important Charts In The World
Business Insider
We asked dozens of our favorite analysts, economists, strategists, and portfolio managers.
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Alan C. Greenberg Is Dead at 86; Led Bear Stearns Through Its Rise and Fall
New York Times
The hard-charging executive, who began at the brokerage as a $32.50-a-week clerk, was also a champion bridge player.
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Argentine default looms as time runs out for debt deal
Argentina looks set to default on its debt for the second time in 12 years next Thursday as negotiations with holdout investors seemingly go nowhere and neither side shows signs of blinking first.
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Hague court to order Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case: report
The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague will on Monday announce that Russia must pay $50 billion to former shareholders of the defunct oil company Yukos.
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Shinzo Abe faces rising disenchantment in Japan
Financial Times
Shinzo Abe has spent much of his premiership trumpeting his achievements to foreigners, particularly those of Abenomics, his programme to kick-start the Japanese economy. But discontent is stirring at home.
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What’s Driving Inflation, from Top to Bottom
Institutional Investor
Narrowing unemployment and changes to housing costs stand to push up inflation in the near term.
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The New Instability
New York Times
The rules of marriage have changed, for rich and poor.
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North Carolina’s Misunderstood Cut in Jobless Benefits
New York Times
Conservatives claim that cutting benefits has lifted the economy. Liberals say the cuts have damaged the economy. The evidence disagrees with both.
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Goldman Sachs Just Downgraded Stocks
Business Insider
Goldman downgraded stocks to neutral from overweight for the next three months.
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What Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming?
New York Times
A refrigeration boom is changing the way Chinese people eat — and threatening the planet in the process.
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Freshman Congressman Mistakes Senior Government Officials for Foreigners
Foreign Policy
In an intensely awkward congressional hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday, freshman Rep. Curt Clawson misidentified two senior U.S. government officials as representatives of the Indian government.
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