Timothy P. Connolly, CFA

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Timothy P. Connolly, CFA, is a founder of Sconset Capital Management, a long/short equity hedge fund. Previously, he was an instructor for Stalla Review for the CFA exams and a portfolio manager at Sofaer Global Research, where he was responsible for a carve-out portion of a global hedge fund. Connolly has also served as a senior financial analyst at Sheer Asset Management and as a director of Omega Portfolio Management of CIBC Oppenheimer. He holds a BS degree in quantitative analysis from St. John's University.

Valuation Matters

What does it mean when we say a stock is “expensive”? While I was working for companies like Smith Barney and Oppenheimer, I would actually hear people say things like “$550 a share for Apple(AAPL)??? No. That’s way too expensive!!! … Read more