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Gold $3,000?

What happened to the negative correlation between the price of gold and the US dollar?

In Practice Summary: Optimizing Exposure to Precious Metals through a Fund

What is the best way to hold more traditional stores of value, such as gold? Mark Harrison, CFA, and Keyur Patel explore the question in the latest edition of the In Practice series.

Commodities as an Asset Class: Delivering Beta and Beyond

David-Michael Lincke, CFA, said that commodities continue to offer many investors meaningful benefits through diversification, inflation protection, and absolute returns.

Cam Harvey on the Controversies Surrounding Gold (Podcast)

Is gold an really an inflation hedge? Is it a safe haven in times of stress? Cam Harvey has investigated some of the common arguments made in favor of gold.

The Strategic Case for Gold as an Investment

What's the strategic case for gold as an investment? We posed this question to Juan Carlos Artigas, the head of investment research for the World Gold Council, the market development organization for the gold industry.

An Interview with Carlos Doblado

Carlos Doblado is a prominent Spanish market technician. He is a partner at the advisory firm Ágora Asesores Financieros EAFI SL, manages the mutual fund BSG Prometeo FI, and is a regular presence in the financial media.

Poll: What Is the Primary Factor Bringing Down the Price of Gold?

In a poll conducted earlier this week, we asked readers what was the primary factor in the recent decline in gold prices.

Did the Gold Standard Work? Economics Before and After Fiat Money

Suddenly gold is being proposed as a cure-all for the weakening dollar, allowing it to retain its place as the international reserve currency — a trophy taken, not without a fight, from the British pound at the READ MORE ›

Bitcoins: New Gold or Fool’s Gold?

Currencies must be trusted by large numbers of people. However, in light of the recent history of fiat money (and the gross indebtedness of many nations), trust is rapidly eroding. So is Bitcoin a natural step in the evolution of money?

Current Thinking on Investing in Gold and the Gold Standard

Mark Harrison, CFA, rounds up the latest thinking on gold as an investment and basis for monetary systems.