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10 April 2012

Investors Get a Voice with SEC

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Kurt Schacht, JD, CFA

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has announced the newly appointed members of the Investor Advisory Committee, which will advise the Commission on regulatory priorities and initiatives to protect market integrity and investor interests. Kurt Schacht, CFA, managing director of the Standards and Financial Market Integrity division at CFA Institute, has been selected to serve on the Committee. Schacht also served on the predecessor advisory committee at the SEC which was disbanded after the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted.

A scan of the committee’s roster indicates broad representation of a variety of investor interests. This offers the Commission and its staff an additional source of information and insight that is informed by those closest to markets and investors. Especially in an environment of constrained resources, the committee offers an excellent opportunity for the SEC to develop appropriate priorities and connect with practitioners and investors.

About the Author(s)
Bob Dannhauser, CFA

Bob Dannhauser, CFA, is head of global private wealth management at CFA Institute.

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