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Bob Dannhauser, CFA

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Bob Dannhauser, CFA, was the head of global private wealth management at CFA Institute.

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In Fintech Era, Harvesting Signals in Words to Forecast Volatility and Returns

How reporters’ word choices, their sentiment and unusualness, can forecast market performance up to six months out.

Hacking Away at Cybercrime to Keep Investors, Funds Safe

CFA Institute is part of a global working group on asset manager cyber resilience. The estimated annual cost of cybercrime to the world economy is more than $445 billion (almost 1% of its income).

SIFMA Best Interests Standard for Broker-Dealers: Right Words, Wrong Substance

SIFMA proposal clings to antiquated idea that product sales is reasonable substitute for quality investment advice.

DOL Unveils Fiduciary Rules: One Step Forward for Investors

Labor Department takes innovative approach by sidestepping many thorny issues that plagued earlier proposals, but questions remain.

Pension Fund Governance and Long-Term Investing: Why Old Habits Die Hard

If short-termism is so short-sighted, why does it still dominate investment management strategies and corporate decision-making?

Creating Bubbles: Are Asset Managers a Culprit?

New report examines policy implications of asset manager business customs and incentives in context of regulatory efforts to address asset price bubbles.

Political Instability, Sluggish Developed Economies Drive Wary 2015 Market Outlook

As investors begin to think about closing the books on 2014, they shouldn’t be too optimistic about what 2015 might bring, according to the 2015 CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey.

SEC Toughens Money-Market Fund Rules: Floating NAV Addresses Systemic Risks

New rules help address perceived systemic risks posed by money-market funds in times of stress.

Debating Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys”: High-Frequency Trading Not All Bad

There’s more emphasis on banks and brokers who allegedly step in front of clients’ orders for their own benefit, and less attention to market structure changes that have contributed to tighter spreads, lower trading costs.

Global Pension Crisis: Looking to Global Pension Plan Designs for Possible Solutions

Acknowledging the problems of the global pension crisis and fixing them are two entirely different propositions, and definitive solutions still are elusive. But JP Morgan Asset Management’s Paul Sweeting, CFA, contributes to a better understanding of the issues and potential solutions with his recent paper.

2014 Market Outlook: Reason for Optimism, but Worries over Asset Bubble

CFA Institute members are embracing the New Year with renewed optimism for economic growth but anticipate some financial bubble in 2014.

Regulators Finally Approve Volcker Rule Trading Ban: Lawyers Rejoice

Investors should be far less certain of celebration, for they have multiple interests at stake, not all of which align perfectly.

Challenging Industry Norms: Schapiro, Krawcheck Examine Perils of Short-Termism (Video)

Ex-SEC Chair Mary Schapiro and veteran Wall Streeter Sallie Krawcheck debate the causes and effects of short-termism, including its influence on investor behavior, corporate management incentives, and societal consequences.

Investment Managers: Aligning with Investor Interests Repairs Fragile Trust

At the heart of investment transactions is trust: trust that counterparties will fulfill their obligations, trust that parties to the transaction are not acting at cross-purposes to investor interests, and trust that information about the transaction is not false or misleading.

CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct: Growing Global Awareness

We’re close to welcoming the 900th asset management firm to the list of those who claim compliance with the Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct.

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