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21 December 2015

Cosgrove Prize: Ethics in Finance Winner Applies Design Thinking to Financial Sector

Anshuman Mehta, a 2015 Ethics in Finance-Robin Cosgrove Prize winner, discusses his work on employing “design thinking” to solve problems in finance in this interview with Josina Kamerling, CFA Institute head of regulatory outreach in the EMEA region.

Mehta, who has been in the investment management profession for 10 years, is the Cosgrove Third Prize Ex Aequo Winner for his research paper, Can Design Thinking Help Enhance Empathy in Finance?

In this interview, he explains:

  • How he applies the five steps of design thinking to finance
  • Why building a financial framework for the future starts with understanding the people involved
  • His plan for a reconciliation and rehabilitation program to learn from those in the finance industry who have behaved unethically
  • What role regulators play in the future of finance
  • How banks are studying and in some cases adapting fintech industry design thinking solutions
  • three practical design-thinking solutions to improve the future of finance

More on the Cosgrove Prize.

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Rebecca Arrington

Rebecca Arrington is a communications specialist at CFA Institute.

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