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Rebecca Arrington is a communications specialist at CFA Institute.

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SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee Urges Full Transparency on Bond Trades

IAC’s Kurt Schacht: “For too long, the fixed-income market has had a veil … around fees, bid-offer spreads, and [broker/dealer] mark-ups. Retail investors in particular are looking for some sunshine.”

What Challenges Do Microfinance and Crowdfunding Face?

Alternative finance has huge potential in the developing world, crowdfunding especially. Will it “fuel ‘the Rise of the Rest?’” What are the hurdles? How does blockchain fit in?

Women in Investment Management, Gender Diversity: One Practitioner’s Perspective

What’s surprised her most during her tenure is that the industry has “changed less than I would have expected.”

Cosgrove Prize: Ethics in Finance Winner Applies Design Thinking to Financial Sector

Anshuman Mehta suggests we learn from fallen financial professionals, and proposes a rehabilitation and reconciliation program for them. He also says the fintech industry has banks’ attention.

Shadow Banking: Friend or Foe?

The focus on shadow banking has shifted from systemic risks to the role it can play in improving access to capital. But safeguards are needed.

Rosov Talks HFT, Blockchains, Future of Financial Markets with “Exponential” Magazine

The financial sector is facing potentially two major problems in the next five years as policy analyst Svi Rosov sees it. First, expect increasingly weird behavior, like flash crashes, and second …

New Disclosure Guide Is Resource for GIPS-Compliant Firms, and Regulators, Verifiers

Why is this tool needed? What specific industry need does it respond to? How will it be used?

LIBOR Lessons, Corp Market Responsibility: Cosgrove Prize Winners Foster Ethics in Finance (Video)

Recruitment process is key to developing finance professionals’ practice and understanding of ethical decision-making, say Robin Cosgrove Prize winners.

Ex-lawmaker Bowles: EU Priorities, Lessons Learned from Financial Crisis (Video)

“Jobs and growth” are the European Parliament’s focus now, says Sharon Bowles, nonexecutive director of the London Stock Exchange and former chairwoman of the EP’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, in this edition of Policy Perspectives.

Crypto-Currencies: Fad or Future of Commerce (Video)?

Will crypto-currencies become mainstream? If security measures are so robust, how have there been breeches? What do banks and regulators think? Watch and find out.

DC Policy Update: What to Expect after the Midterm Elections (Podcast)

Jim Allen, CFA, hones in on three financial policy issues and their likely future in Congress post-mid-term elections.

DC Policy Update: SEC, FINRA Roll Out Proposals to Aid Market Transparency (Podcast)

Jim Allen, CFA, examines proposals on tick sizes for small-cap companies, fixed-income market transparency, and a small-cap company structure for venture markets.

Overview of Top 10 GIPS Compliance Issues Ends with a KISS

Topping the list of GIPS standards compliance problems: inadequate documentation of policies and procedures.

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