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The Impact of Covid-19 on Board Accountability, Flexible Work, Stakeholder Engagement, and Financial Markets

New episodes from podcast series A Guide to EU Financial Politics and Policy Development.

When It Is Smart to Say No: Exploring the Concept of Intelligent Disobedience

Learn about Intelligent Disobedience, a practical concept that explores how and when to disobey inappropriate orders and requests, with author Ira Chaleff.

Systemic Risk Council to US Treasury: Proposed Reforms Merit Fresh Look

In response to the US Treasury’s June 2017 report, the Systemic Risk Council warns that some of the proposals could jeopardize the financials system’s resilience.

The Role of State-Owned Enterprises in Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues

There is a cost to society for firms to produce their finished goods, such as environmental damage, and firms pay only pay if they are taxed. Is there alternative?

Study Examines the Impact of Reporting Frequency

CFA Institute Study of UK companies found that companies still invested for the long term even after they were required to start reporting on a quarterly basis.

Apathy Toward Continuing Ed, Flawed Business Models Fuel Bad Behavior in Finance Sector (Video)

CFA Institute President and CEO Paul Smith: “Unfortunately regulation is not the answer, but regulation is going to be the answer.”

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