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16 September 2021

The Impact of Covid-19 on Board Accountability, Flexible Work, Stakeholder Engagement, and Financial Markets

The podcast series A Guide to EU Financial Politics and Policy Development continues to bring listeners valuable insight and perspectives on the European Union regulatory sphere. This summer, we added four new episodes focusing on the impact of the pandemic on board accountability, work environments, stakeholder engagement, and financial markets.

The podcast is hosted by Josina Kamerling, head of regulatory outreach for CFA Institute in EMEA. This is must-listen content for any student, policy maker, legislator, economist, or corporate strategist seeking a greater understanding of the opportunities, risks, and emerging policy initiatives that will affect the 330 million consumers living in the EU as well as for companies doing or seeking to do business on the continent.

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🎙️Board Accountability in Corporate Governance in the Wake of the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the role of company boards and the way people look at companies. The fourth edition of the CFA Institute investor trust study reveals that consumers and employees want the power to influence companies. They also believe that CEOs must lead on societal issues, such as the impact of the pandemic on the economy and job automation.

🎙️The Impact of Covid-19 on EU Financial Markets: One Year Later

Josina Kamerling walks us through the findings of the CFA Institute survey report “COVID-19, One Year Later: Capital Markets Entering Uncharted Waters,” which captures the thoughts of thousands of our members on the impact of the pandemic on global financial markets and discusses the EU regulatory environment.

🎙️Future of Work: What Challenges Hybrid Environments Bring to the Finance Industry Regulation

Josina Kamerling and Rhodri Preece, CFA, senior head of industry research at CFA Institute, talk about the findings of the CFA Institute “Future of Work in Investment Management” survey, which provides a glimpse of the evolution of work post-pandemic. They also discuss how regulators are coping with the new virtual work environment and the risks this environment brings from the perspectives of location policy, tax implications, operational risk, and the supervision of business conduct, among others.

🎙️The Impact of Covid-19 on Companies’ Stakeholder Engagement  

Josina Kamerling introduces us to Simon Rawson from ShareAction, a UK-based charity that advocates for responsible investment. They discuss the impact of Covid-19 on stakeholder engagement in firms and specifically on the role of annual general meetings in shaping business conduct.

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