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Anju Grover, CIPM, is a senior GIPS analyst in the Investment Performance Standards Policy Group of CFA Institute. She develops new project ideas for the GIPS standards and acts as a staff liaison for numerous global volunteer committees that oversee the development and promulgation of the GIPS standards.

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Global Investment Performance Standards: Dispelling Compliance Cost, Verification Myths

CFA Institute is updating its Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), and listening to stakeholders’ needs is key to evolving them to be truly universally applicable to all asset types.

New Resources Available to Help with Understanding and Applying the GIPS Standards

Complying with the GIPS® standards is a significant undertaking with many nuances. Firms and consultants alike often have questions, and the GIPS team works hard to provide resources to help.

Out of Top 100 Asset Management Firms Globally, 85 Claim GIPS Compliance

For the 2016 reporting period, 1,608 firms globally claim compliance with the GIPS standards and 86% of those firms went through third-party verification of their compliance.

The Long-Awaited Pooled Fund Guidance Statement Nearing Release

In a step toward being relevant for all investment vehicles and in response to requests from the industry, new guidance on applying the GIPS® standards to pooled funds will be available soon.

74% of Top 100 Global Asset Management Firms Claim GIPS Compliance

Those firms represent 60% (more than $46 trillion) of the world’s assets under management ($78 trillion).

Investment Risk and Fees: Annual GIPS Conference Highlights

Experts who share best practices and speak to key issues and major developments in the performance measurement field make this conference essential for any performance or compliance professional.

Errors Can Happen: How to Deal with Them As a GIPS-Compliant Firm

CFA Institute survey reveals how GIPS-compliant firms are identifying and dealing with errors in compliant presentations.

New GIPS Standards Compliance Requirement: Make Your Voice Heard

The GIPS Executive Committee is seeking public comments on the proposed requirement that firms claiming compliance with the GIPS standards notify CFA Institute.

Coming Soon: Guidance Statement for Applying the GIPS Standards to Asset Owners

The GIPS standards revolve, in large part, around presenting performance to prospective clients and were written with firms in mind that have prospective clients. The upcoming guidance statement was developed because asset owners do not have prospective clients.

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