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Irene Cheung, CFA, CAIA, FRM

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Irene Cheung, CFA, CAIA, FRM, is a former director of Professional Standards for CFA Institute. Her responsibilities included promoting ethical and professional conduct standards in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Moving from Gray to Black and White: Improving Your Ethical Decision Making

Ethical behavior is not only best practice for the investment profession, but essential to good business.

GIPS Sponsors in Asia Pacific Brainstorm Ways to Promote the GIPS Standards

Regional representatives learn more about GIPS 2020 and use design thinking to create action plans for promoting the GIPS standards.

Asset Manager Code Global Footprint Now Includes Thailand, Mongolia, and Indonesia

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are taking steps to encourage ethical practices at asset manager firms in their capital markets by promoting or adopting the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code.

CFA Institute Asset Manager Code Gives Firms Head Start on Operational Due Diligence

Thorough, independent operational due diligence provides investors with a review of investment firms’ operational standards and the ethical conduct of its managers.

Code and Standards: Are You Living Up To Your Annual Pledge?

CFA Society Sri Lanka is working to improve financial market integrity. Its commitment to putting investors first, upholding the highest standards of ethics and business practices is exciting to see.

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