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Kurt Schacht, JD, CFA, is the Senior Head, Advocacy Advisor, Capital Markets Policy at CFA Institute, where he oversees advocacy efforts and the development, maintenance, and promotion of the highest ethical standards of practice for the global investment management industry.

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The Biden SEC – Time to Restore an Investor Protection Vibe

With a new Administration comes fresh leadership at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the most important securities regulator on the world stage. We have a simple request, get us back on track for investor protection.

Unlimited and Unchecked Stimulus: Are We Killing Capitalism?

Government must show courage and planning now to ensure that the stimulus lands where it is needed, that accountability is guaranteed, and that our experiment with whatever-it-takes intervention into free markets ends.

In Financial Services, We Don’t Trust

Congress, regulators, and enforcement officials at all levels must help ensure public confidence and trust in the financial industry. In short, prompt enforcement based on effective regulations that penalize and deter wrongdoing is critical.

Systemic Risk Council’s Advice for Central Banks, Banks, and Governments

The Systemic Risk Council, sponsored by CFA Institute, says the Covid-19 crisis does not need to lead to an economic meltdown. It calls on the authorities of the major economies to work together… READ MORE ›

Starving On the Vine – Our Protector of Investors Gets Short Changed

We need to invest more in the SEC so it can appropriately police the growing complexity of financial markets.


Snap. Inc. IPO will issue all non-voting shares to investors to reduce or eliminate role of notorious proxy giant ISS.

Systemic Risk Council Taps Ex-BoE Deputy Governor Tucker to Chair Global Group

CFA Institute takes important step to further “globalize” the Systemic Risk Council with the appointment of Sir Paul Tucker.

Is the Asset Management Industry a Source of Systemic Risk?

CFA Institute takes a stance on this controversial issue.

Fiduciary Duty Debate: Salespeople Are Not Investment “Advisers”

It's time to remove ambiguity around “personal investment advice” while permitting different business and service models.

Private Equity in SEC Hot Seat: Poor Disclosure, Inappropriate Fees

Recent reports suggest that the private equity industry has been playing games with the fees they get from portfolio companies.

JPMorgan’s Energy Play Meets FERC-enstein: What It Says about Enforcement

JPMorgan’s FERC settlement renews debate over trust and ethics in finance and the ineffectiveness of regulatory “hand-slaps.”

Fearless Fiduciary: SAC Scandal and Bad Financial Actors: Like “The Hangover Part III,” Let’s Hope This Is the End

Does the SAC scandal represent a Wall Street tipping point in which there are serious business consequences to bad behavior and investors are no longer willing to let things slide?

Former Fed Chair Volcker Takes on Most Daunting Challenge Yet: Reshaping Financial Regulation

Recognizing that the old way of regulating the financial industry is no longer working, the revered financial titan is charting a new course with the “Volcker Alliance.”

Volcker vs. Vickers (Part 2): Where Do Financial Reform Efforts Stand?

In the second part of a month-long series exploring key systemic risk issues from the perspective of Paul Volcker and Sir John Vickers, we take a closer look at their views on progress in fixing regulatory gaps.