Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


The Blue Sky Allure of Weighted Voting Rights?

After some hiccups earlier this decade, talks of permitting the listing of companies with dual-class share (DCS) structures have gained traction in Hong Kong and Singapore, two major financial centers in Asia .

Disrupting the Disruption: Will Bitcoin be Hijacked by Wall Street?

Is the blockchain to the financial industry what Uber is to the taxi industry, Tesla to the car industry, or Apple to the watch industry? Is it disruptive or sustaining?

How Service Sector Needs and Shadow Banking Are Reshaping Chinese Capital Markets

Alan Lok, CFA, examines China’s shift to a domestic-consumption economy, its severe service sector supply bottleneck, and the rise in Chinese shadow banking.

2015 Market Outlook EMEA: Weak Growth and QE Policies to Shape Local Market Outcomes

Investment professionals in EMEA are gloomier than their peers in the Americas and Asia Pacific over the prospects for economic growth in their local markets.

Another Bitcoin Adventure: Cashing out of a Crypto-Currency

Outlook for crypto-currencies: Potential regulatory and reputational risks prompt banks to keep a safe distance.

Asia Pacific Market Outlook: Strong Growth, More Even Playing Field for Investors in 2015

Greater transparency, improved corporate governance, and better market integrity translate to fairer markets.

The Impact of Population Dynamics on the Chinese Capital Markets

The biggest issue now facing the Chinese capital markets is resource allocation. Future reforms will be geared towards benefiting the entire physical economy.

Political Instability, Sluggish Developed Economies Drive Wary 2015 Market Outlook

As investors begin to think about closing the books on 2014, they shouldn’t be too optimistic about what 2015 might bring, according to the 2015 CFA Institute Global Market Sentiment Survey.

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