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Rocky Tung

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Rocky Tung is a director of capital markets policy for the Asia-Pacific region at CFA Institute. He is based in Hong Kong and is responsible for conducting research projects related to capital market structures in the region. He has over a decade of experience in economic and policy research, working closely with business leaders, government officials, academics and other stakeholders.

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To Regulate or Not to Regulate: That Is the Question

The introduction of blockchain technologies generally is considered to be conducive to improving efficiency and stability of the finance industry, but how much regulation should be applied?

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

On 23 February, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) launched the second—and likely final—round of consultation before dual-class share (DCS) structures are expected to be introduced to the Hong Kong market later this year.

The Blue Sky Allure of Weighted Voting Rights?

After some hiccups earlier this decade, talks of permitting the listing of companies with dual-class share (DCS) structures have gained traction in Hong Kong and Singapore, two major financial centers in Asia .

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