Views on improving the integrity of global capital markets


MiFID 2.1: Some Updates are Ready to be Installed

Some aspects of MiFID II are proving difficult to implement including the double-volume cap, futures clearing, and Systematic Internaliser tick sizes.

MiFID II: ESMA Races to Close the Systematic Internalisation Loophole

ESMA uses the existing rulebook to clarify the question of when systematic internalization activities cross over into functionally operating as a trading venue.

Takeaways on Best Execution, MiFID II, and Trading Innovation

With a delay likely, one hopes all these MiFID II issues can now be ironed out properly.

2 Fast 2 MiFID: What Does Brussels Have in Store for HFT?

The goals of MiFID II are mostly to limit nontransparent trading and strengthen controls and system resilience with regard to algorithmic and high-frequency trading.

ESMA Sets MiFID II Rules: Complex Balance between Transparency and Liquidity

As is so often the case, the devil is in the detail. And with much of the detail applying to previously unchartered market terrain, it remains to be seen what consequences these rules will have for financial markets.

Unbundled Commissions: Explicit Payment for Investment Research Set to Alter Industry (Video)

The issue of how equity commissions are used to buy investment research takes center stage in the European Union.

Views on HFT in Europe, ESMA’s Role in MiFID Shared at E-Finance Lab Event

As the MiFID II Level 2 consultation draws near, here’s the latest perspectives on liquidity, transparency, and HFT in Europe.

EU Policy Update: How the New EU Parliament Is Taking Shape (Podcast)

Analysis on the next European Commission president, the makeup of parlimentary committees, and how these developments will affect the implementation of MiFID.

European Financial Reform Post-Crisis: Weighing the Costs

The banking union aims to facilitate a more integrated banking sector within the EU and to mitigate the potential for systemic risks from banks acting across borders yet supervised (until now) at a national level.

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